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With endless amounts of information at the click of the button, it’s easy to see why people can’t put their smartphones down.

Research from e2save, online mobile retailer surveyed 2,000 adults and discovered that 47% of British workers touch their smartphone between one and three times every ten minutes. 5% end up doing it over ten times in a ten minute period.

26% said that they spend between two and three minutes on their phones. 5% admitted that they spend over ten minutes on social media every time they pick it up.

3% of 25-34-year-olds even admitted to watching things on Netflix during work and 4% said they spent time on Tinder.


Andy Cartledge from e2save said: “Smartphones are an integral part of society these days. Not only do they make our lives more efficient, they help us stay connected to the world around us, so it’s no surprise that many Brits find it hard to disconnect and keep their smartphones out of their hands whilst at work.

“Individuals need to ensure they are balancing their smartphone usage with their work lives and not allowing themselves to be distracted from their duties at work.”

CEOs leading the way

Those who do this the most are Chief Executives who will pick up their phone up to three times every ten minutes for personal use for one minute at a time.

The survey found that CEOs are using around 30% of their time on their phone, which works out as around £27,500 based on average earnings of CEOs.

The most common things CEOs were spending time on were personal emails (52%), Facebook (36%) and Whatsapp (32%).


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Tips for putting down the phone during work:

Whether you’re the CEO or an employee, if you find that your phone is getting in the way of you doing work, then try some of these tips:


Schedule your time

If you don’t have formal breaks, create your own. Schedule time for mobile phone use during the day to get your fix of social media so long as it’s appropriate at your office.


Delete old apps

Get rid of apps that you don’t use that constantly update or send you notifications. The more apps you’ve got, the more possibilities there are for getting distracted.


Do one thing at a time

Get into the habit of doing one thing only when you check your phone. It’s too easy to simply check an email only to find yourself looking at cat videos on Youtube and recipes for cakes on Pinterest a few minutes later. Before you know it, social media has swallowed a huge part of your day, especially if you’re doing this several times a day.


Download an app to get rid of distractions

Apps are even addressing how distracting they can be now. Try an app like Flipd which will temporarily get rid of distracting apps from your phone for however long you tell it to.


Turn it off

Probably the most obvious choice, simply turn your phone off if you can and turn it on during breaks so you’re not completely cut off from the world. If you can’t do this, then at least put it on silent.


Get it off your desk

Having your phone a few inches away from your hand is bound to be tempting. Try putting it in a draw or a coat pocket so you’re not tempted to check it constantly.


Do you spend a lot of time on social media? What is your most distracting app? Let us know your thoughts.

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