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Our guide to IR35

This video covers what IR35 is, if it will apply to you and also the consequences of operating inside IR35.

 6m 20s

Paying yourself

So you’ve started out in business, but do you know how you should be paying yourself?

 2m 46s

VAT in Europe

Does your business operate in Europe? Then this video will help keep you compliant with HMRC.

 3m 38s

Basic bookkeeping guide

Learn the basics of business bookkeeping with this tutorial video, perfect for new startups.

 4m 3s

Our guide to pensions

Paying into a pension can be a great way to save tax, watch our video now for more information.

 1m 25s

What are dividends?

This video will explain exactly what dividends are, and how to take them from your company.

 1m 39s

Claiming for your car

Use a car for your business, but not sure what expenses you can claim for? Now is the time to find out.

 1m 29s

Quick tax saving tips

Use this video to check you're claiming for all the business expenses you're entitled to, lowering your tax bill.

 2m 12s

When and how to pay tax

Make sure you know exactly when and how to pay your tax bill, to avoid any penalties from HMRC.

 1m 44s


A vital video to understand the impact of VAT MOSS if you have a business which sells digital services.

 3m 46s

What is a limited company?

Understand what it means to run a limited company, and why it is different from being a sole trader.

 1m 40s

Claiming for your expenses

Understand exactly what business expenses you are eligible to claim for with our short video.

 4m 6s

VAT Cash Accounting

Understand the benefits of using the VAT cash accounting scheme vs the standard VAT scheme.

 2m 9s

Obligations and deadlines for limited companies

Understand what is required of you as a limited company.

 4m 34s

Auto Enrolment

Are you an employer? Then we highly recommend you watch this video on the basics of Auto Enrolment.

 3m 37s

Our guide to VAT

If you’re new to VAT then this video will provide all the information you need to know, from registration to submission.

 6m 4s

Incorporating a limited company

Understand how to incorporate a limited company as a sole trader.

 4m 29s

Payments on account

If your Self Assessment tax bill is more £1k then you must make payments on account. But, why?

 2m 21s

Obligations and deadlines for sole traders

Understand exactly what is required of you as a sole trader.

 3m 3s

Closing down a limited company

Understand the methods you can use to close down your company.

 2m 21s

Vehicle and travel expenses for sole traders

Did you know there are two ways to claim for your vehicle?

 2m 47s

Vehicle and travel expenses for limited companies

Learn the two ways you can claim for your vehicle expenses.

 2m 4s

Income Tax and NI for sole traders

Understand your tax rates and NI contributions.

 3m 6s

Bookkeeping for sole traders and partnerships

Set yourself on the right path to error free bookkeeping records.

 3m 13s

Using your home as an office

There are two methods you can use to claim for this expense. Learn which method work the best for you.

 3m 18s

Bookkeeping for limited companies

Set yourself on the right path to bookkeeping success.

 3m 29s

Reference numbers & codes for limited companies

Outlining the information you will need to provide when joining us.

 3m 6s

Reference numbers and codes for sole traders

Outlining the information you will need to provide when joining us.

 2m 54s

Corporation Tax for limited companies

Learn what Corporation Tax is and how much you will pay.

 1m 20s


CIS guide

Understand your tax obligations and how to register for CIS as a contractor or sub-contractor working in construction.

5 minutes


Transferring Shares Guide

This can be a complex area, but our straight forward guide will remove any potential confusion.

 3 minutes


Incorporating Company Guide

All you need to know about incorporating a limited company as a sole trader or partnership.

 3 minutes


Contractor Guide

Thinking about becoming a contractor? This guide covers all the factors you will need to consider.

 5 minutes


MTD for VAT Guide

Understand the requirements if your business has a turnover of £85,000 per year or more.

 2 minutes


Starting a Business Guide

So you're thinking of starting a new business? This guide will help you get started.

 8 minutes


Maternity Pay Guide

This extensive guide will clarify the rules on maternity and pay for directors and employers.

 5 minutes


VAT Guide

Learn everything you need to know about VAT for your business, from registration to submission.

 4 minutes


IR35 Guide

Do you understand the implications of IR35 for your business? If not, then this guide is perfect for you.

 7 minutes


Partnership Guide

Uncover the requirements and many benefits of trading as a partnership with this helpful guide.

 7 minutes


Sole Trader Guide

Discover everything you need to know about operating as a sole trader, including your deadlines and responsibilities.

 7 minutes


Limited Company Guide

Discover the deadlines and responsibilities you need to know about when operating as a limited company.

 8 minutes


Salary & Dividends Guide

Avoid the confusion and learn the most efficient way of paying yourself from your company.

 3 minutes


PAYE Guide

New to employing staff and unsure where to start with PAYE? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

 4 minutes


Benefits of Pandle Guide

Discover the unique benefits of using our Pandle bookkeeping software as one of our clients.

 3 minutes


R&D Tax Credits Guide

Are you eligible for R&D Tax Credits? You could be missing out on valuable tax relief for your business if you are.

 3 minutes


Auto Enrolment Guide

If you're an employer then you need to understand your Auto Enrolment responsibilities.

 4 minutes


Bookkeeping Guide

Bookkeeping is essential to the success of your business. It's vital to make sure you get this right.

 4 minutes


Self Assessment Guide

Vital information on registering and completing your Self Assessment, to keep you compliant with HMRC.

 4 minutes


Digital Marketing Guide

If you're starting a new business and will be advertising online then check out this handy guide.

 7 minutes


Closing Company Guide

Discover the methods you can use to dissolve your limited company, and the implications of them.

 6 minutes



Sales Invoice Template

If you’re still using Excel rather than software this template can create and track your invoices.


Employee Timesheet Template

This timesheet provides a template to track the hours, overtime, sick days and holidays of your employees.


Directors Minutes and Dividend Vouchers

Claim your dividends using our minutes and vouchers template.


Minutes and Dividend Voucher Help Sheet

Understand how to fill in the minutes and vouchers template.


Holiday Request Form Template

A formal holiday request form for your employees to complete.


Mileage Claim Form Template

Keep track of all your business miles, including the date, location and other relevant details of the trip.


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