What Happens if an Employer Makes a Mistake with PAYE?

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system relies on employers to deduct tax and National Insurance Contributions from employees correctly. If an…

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Is Freelancing a Job or a Career For You?

Freelancing can look completely different for everyone but most people fall under one of two categories – freelancing as a job or…

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Customs Grant Funding Scheme Extended

According to official statistics released by HMRC, the UK exported £30.5 billion worth of goods in December 2019. Whilst that’s a 16%…

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Short Term Fixes and Long Term Business Success

When things crop up it’s essential to be able to be able to respond dynamically. Getting the problem solved quickly will get…

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Do I Need to Pay Tax on my Airbnb Income?

Depending on how much you earn, you might need to pay tax on profits received through the rentals juggernaut that is Airbnb….

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3 Simple Ways to Build Passive Income on Your Website

Passive income – making money while you sleep is anyone’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to boost their income this way? Some people…

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