Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies. See who we’ve helped.

At The Accountancy Partnership we always ensure a very high standard of work from qualified staff and because our processes are very efficient, our clients receive an excellent accountancy service that does not break the bank.

Below are a number of case studies whereby The Accountancy Partnership have helped clients in various situations.


Maple Property Services Ltd

“After having their company struck off the Register of Companies for non-delivery of accounts and annual returns, our client, Maple Property Services Ltd came to us for advice on company restoration. The company held freehold properties and could not sell any as the vested interest in the company and the properties now lay with the Crown.

With five year’s statutory accounts and annual returns to prepare, before we even applied to have the company restored, a challenge lay ahead.

Having the necessary resources and experts in our team, we set about preparing the statutory accounts and annual returns. We also completed the BV Waiver form for the Treasury Solicitors Consent to Administrative Restoration. This we received back and duly completed the Application for Administrative Restoration to the Register. This enabled the directors to control their company again and dispose of freehold properties.

Here at The Accountancy Partnership, we not only complete your bookkeeping, VAT, accounts and tax returns but have the skills and expertise to deal with any business problems you may encounter”

David Hammond – sole trader

“David Hammond owner of ‘Frasp’ registered with us as a sole trader back in July 2011. Frasp’s main business is hiring out and selling sound and recording equipment along with components. David appointed us to complete his 2011-12 accounts and tax return based on the records he provided. When we began working on his accounts we found that there was rather a lot of information missing due to David’s business expanding rapidly leaving him less time to focus on record keeping. We corresponded with David and HMRC directly to collate the information we needed and by prioritising his work we managed to submit his tax return before too many penalties were issued by HMRC.

At this point David also had two overdue VAT returns, which again we completed as priority so that David could not incur anymore penalties. All in all David was extremely happy with our service and guidance and is now up to date in regards to tax”

Katie Kinnaird – sole trader

“Katie became a client of the Accountancy Partnership in May 2012 having commenced her own business venture in September 2011.

Unfortunately, due to the prevailing economic difficulties within the business community the venture did not experience the success which was envisaged and Katie took the decision to close the business and return to full time employment.

On completing the final Accounts it was noted that there were still significant trading losses and so we contacted HMRC with a view to off-setting these losses against PAYE paid during previous periods of employment.

As a result Katie received a timely refund of £2,000 which went a long way to easing the burden of the businesses previous losses.”

Panoramic Business Coaching Ltd

“Panoramic Business Coaching Ltd joined the Accountancy Partnership on 5 July 2013.

At this time the company had outstanding Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns for the year ended 31 October 2012 which needed to be completed and filed before the 31 July 2013 deadline.

We put the company’s work as a high priority and completed and filed their accounts with Companies House in time thereby avoiding any potential penalties which would have been levied against them.

The Company had also experiencing problems filing their 2010/11 Tax Return which we were able to rectify on their behalf”