Free Bookkeeping Software

Free Bookkeeping Software

Free bookkeeping software for all of our clients

We’ve developed our own cloud-based bookkeeping software, Pandle, that’s designed from the ground up for UK small businesses

  •  Simple, intuitive interface
  •  Record transactions in seconds rather than minutes
  •  Quick and easy error corrections
  •  Unbeatable VAT management

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What is Pandle? Pandle is our free cloud-based bookkeeping software made with real people in mind. Simple to use yet comprehensive in its capabilities, we have designed Pandle from the ground up to cater for UK small businesses.

Only 20% of small businesses in the UK actually use bookkeeping software, with the remainder using spreadsheets or manually kept records. Having used almost every other bookkeeping software package available and speaking with other businesses, we had an idea as to why this might be the case. Bookkeeping was a dreaded task, full of fraught moments where you were left wishing you had qualified as an accountant, and taking an entire day just to do a month’s bookkeeping.

We have removed this stress by streamlining every process: transactions such as payments and receipts can be entered in bulk within seconds; adding a new customer or supplier is a ten second process, and checking your profitability doesn’t take a dozen clicks. This process of streamlining has meant that we not only provide for novice bookkeepers, but for the veterans too.

Pandle has been designed to be as simple as possible. By excluding features that the majority of businesses won’t use, Pandle is a system that is both easy to use and easy on the eye! As a client you can use Pandle completely free of charge, although you can use any bookkeeping software you prefer.

So why use Pandle?

  • Interactive help will alert you when it thinks you are making erroneous transactions such as duplications, incorrect dates, incorrect categories and much more
  • We will manually check your data once you start entering transactions to ensure you’re off to the best start!
  • Pandle was designed with speed in mind. You can enter transactions in Pandle faster than any other cloud accounting software on the market
  • An array of shortcut keys means that entering transactions is a breeze in Pandle
  • Many cloud accounting systems are generic for all countries. However Pandle was designed specifically for the UK market meaning it handles things like VAT seamlessly
  • Correcting errors and editing transactions in Pandle is very easy to do which means you don’t have to worry if you make a mistake

Other Benefits

  • The transactions you enter in Pandle are encrypted using industry standard techniques. This means Even in the unlikely event your data was intercepted it would not make any sense to anyone else but you
  • Pandle has been thoroughly examined by penetration testers meaning that it is as secure as can be!
  • Add as many users as you like to your Pandle account so that you and other member of your business can access the data at the same time
  • Did you know that with other cloud accounting software, the minute you stop paying the subscription you will no longer have access to your data? This is not the case with Pandle, you can keep your account indefinitely and access it whenever you like!
  • There is no minimum term or contract with Pandle, simply use it as and when you like

Find out more and register for free

Visit the Pandle website to find out more information and register for a free account.