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Whatever industry you’re in, the world is a competitive place today. Technology has made it smaller. Customers and clients can now source goods and services from another continent with a single tap on their tablet.

Attracting customers in this environment is an art in itself. But when it comes to keeping them and retaining their loyalty, many of the principles are the same as they’ve always been. And they’re underpinned by the Can-Do Attitude.

The extra mile

DIY and appliance stores that offer to transport bulky items to your car, or to help you do so. Stall holders at the local market who put your soft fruit in one bag and veg in another. The supermarkets who separate items to ensure they stay dry and intact or deliver your online grocery shop straight to your kitchen. These are great examples of the Can-Do attitude that makes us happy customers.

This kind of customer service has been putting a smile on our faces for hundreds of years. Whether you have a physical sales point or an online one, think about how you help customers collect or take delivery of their goods, and the conditions of those goods when they arrive. That leads us on to another closely-related topic: access and inclusion.


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Accessibility and inclusion

If you have business premises, are they easily accessible – can customers or clients park nearby? Do you sell bulky items that a customer may want assistance with, or might they prefer a home delivery option?

If you have an online business, think about the range of delivery options you offer. Bear in mind that some customers may use public transport or have a disability. How easy is it for them to buy or order from you?

Do you have any staff that can speak another language or use sign language? This could make you a preferred business for customers who need that service. Speaking their language is something you Can Do.

The personal touch

Why would someone go to the same shop each time? Well, imagine if each year you go to the same place to get your tux for the Christmas do. The person who runs the place greets you by name, reels off your measurements, asks after family by name. Understandably, it would be pretty impressive.

Knowing your customers, taking an interest in what interests them and personalising your service and recommendations is something you Can Do. This will make their experience easier and more enjoyable. Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your business.

The right response to reviews

It’s easy to get cross when your business gets a negative review. But take a deep breath and look at their criticisms carefully.

Responding quickly and politely to negative reviews and complaints, and doing all you can to quickly compensate an unhappy customer or put things tight for them, is a vital part of the Can-Do attitude. Not only can it help you retain that dissatisfied customer, but the way you handle their complaint may actually get you more business by impressing potential customers.

And don’t forget to thank customers for a positive review. It’s only polite!

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A content writer specialising in business, finance, software, and beyond. I'm a wordsmith with a penchant for puns and making complex subjects accessible. Learn more about Elizabeth.

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