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Tax Education

It’s time for school. We will teach you all you need to know about tax. Here you will find easy-to-understand blogs, bitesize information and facts about tax. No talking at the back!

Tax Information

What do you know about tax as a business?

If it isn't much, you're in the right place. From profits to losses and any allowable expenses in between, we’re here to simplify business tax.


Can you name the three main UK taxes?

Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and VAT (Value Added Tax). We’ll explain the key points you need to know about each of them.


Can you answer my tax related questions?

If you run a business in the UK, then yes! Take a look at the most frequently asked questions below, find a blog, or send us a message.


Tax Education

Do I need to pay tax on my side hustle?

Maybe! The Trading Allowance means you can earn up to £1,000 in a tax year from self-employment or property, and you won't need to pay tax on it, or even report it to HMRC. Just make sure that you keep good records to help you monitor your earnings. Learn more about the Trading Allowance.

Can I have more than one sole trader business?

Absolutely - just make sure you get enough sleep at night! Sole traders aren't legally separate from their business, so you won't need to register them all separately. List each business on your Self Assessment tax return with a separate section for each one. Find out more.

If I claim VAT back on pre-registration expenses, will I also pay VAT on invoices paid to me in the same period?

You may be able to claim back VAT you paid before registering (up to a point!). But you can't charge VAT on invoices until you register, so you won’t collect any VAT to pay on to HMRC. Just make sure you register in plenty of time.

If a company is owned 50/50, is it possible for one person to take dividends and the other to choose not to?

Yes, it is. Companies can issue different types of shares to help them be more flexible. For example, two shareholders could own the company equally, but only one is entitled to receive dividend payments or receives them at a lower rate.

I recently started earning money from creating digital content. How much can I earn before I pay tax and how do I claim expenses?

The Trading Allowance means you can earn up to £1,000 from self-employment in a tax year before you need to report it to HMRC, register as self-employed, or pay tax on it. If you do need to register then you can include your total expenses on your tax return. This amount will be deducted from your income, so you'll only pay tax on the profits. What type of tax return you need to submit depends on what sort of business structure you choose!

Learn more about choosing a business structure.

I'm a company director and planning to have a baby. What salary should I pay myself so I'm eligible for maternity pay?

As a director you’re actually entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) just like any other employee - as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. If you’re not eligible for SMP, you could instead claim Maternity Allowance.

Learn more about maternity pay for self-employed people.



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