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Six Ways to Attract and Recruit the Best Workers For Your Business

Recruit the Best Workers

Recruitment is never an easy task and isn’t on anyone’s list of favourite things to do at work. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve hired the wrong person, it can be an even more daunting prospect. You want to get it right this time so here are some tips.

Have a rigorous testing process

Don’t just rely on a single meeting to make a decision. Someone might interview very well or badly and it’s not necessarily a good test of how they will perform during the job on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why companies are broadening their testing process to include things like questionnaires, personality tests or asking for samples of work. This gives you a more well-rounded opinion of the candidate and will help you make a better decision.

Ask for recommendations

Ask the people who currently work for you if they know anyone that might be a good fit for the job role. The chances are they’re going to recommend someone that makes them look good as it’s their reputation on the line too. You’ll also be able to get some insight about their personality or working style from your employees. This is something that is often hard to work out during interviews.

Attract top candidates with benefits

Companies are increasingly competing when it comes to employee benefits. Every now and then we hear about another top firm’s new weird or wonderful employee perk. So think about rolling something out for your employees that helps you stand out in the job market. You’ll probably get more responses and therefore more choice. You’ll also benefit from keeping your team happy which helps with staff retention.

Advertise on multiple channels

Broaden your search by putting adverts in multiple places. Don’t just rely on one job board, try a few and use LinkedIn too. This will ensure that your adverts are reaching a wide range of people. Make use of your social media profiles and advertise on there too. Increasing numbers of people are finding out about jobs through the likes of Twitter.

Check social media

Social media can be a useful tool for advertising jobs but it’s also a great resource for finding out more about the candidates you’re considering. Most employers will do it these days. Doing a quick check on their candidates’ online profiles will often say the kind of things they won’t in an interview. If you see anything that sets off alarm bells then you might have second thoughts about some of your applicants. This will at least help you narrow down the choice.

Make sure your business is a great place to work

Word of mouth counts for a lot. So make sure that people only have good things to say about working for you. With websites like Glassdoor hosting reviews on what it’s really like to work for various companies, you need to be extra careful. Look at the common complaints that people have on these review sites like poor management or communication and make sure those don’t apply to you.


Have we left anything out? What do you think the best way to attract top workers is? Let us know your thoughts.


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