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If you’re a contractor or freelancer searching for a new online accountant at the moment, then The Accountancy Partnership is likely to be on your list already. Like SJD Accountancy (as well as Nixon Williams, Parasol, and ClearSky), we provide specialist accounting services for contractors, but there are some crucial differences in how we do things.

Whereas contractor accounting is their sole focus, we also provide accountancy to a broader range of businesses and in a much more personalised way, so you always have access to your accountant.


The Accountancy Partnership

Sole traders from


per month

Online based

Free bookkeeping software

Specialist support for contractors and freelancers

Unlimited accountancy support

Dedicated personal accountant

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SJD Accountancy

Sole traders from


per month

Online based

Free bookkeeping software

Specialist support for contractors and freelancers

Unlimited accountancy support*

Dedicated personal accountant*

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*Available for an extra fee, starting from £60.00 per month for sole traders

Talk to your accountant when you need them

Our accountants have centuries of knowledge and experience between them, allowing us to offer accountancy services for a much wider array of businesses. We also really, really like talking to our clients. It’s why we’re so effective at helping you grow!

SJD Accountancy concentrate on offering online accounting services which are mainly designed for contractors. We specialise in contractor accounting services too, but our experience in working with different types of businesses means we can advise you, regardless of what situation crops up.

To help you make the most of that knowledge, you’ll always have access to unlimited support from your own dedicated accountant.

But just to make extra sure, every accountant is paired up with a ‘buddy’ who can step in if your normal accountant is on holiday or unwell. That way you won’t ever have to wait for answers.

It’s worth noting that SJD Accountancy will provide a dedicated accountant to clients who are able to pay for one of their more expensive fee packages.


Can I speak to my accountant?

Yes, you’ll have unlimited access to your own dedicated accountant:

The Accountancy Partnership

Limited companies from £39.50 per month

SJD Accountancy

Limited companies from £120.00 per month


How it works with SJD Accountancy

Clients who sign up with SJD Accountancy are given access to their in-house online account system. You’ll need to use the client portal to access your information, and to supply your details.

You’ll pay for services depending on what type of business structure you operate, and services are bundled into these packages.

For instance, if you’d also like them to take care of your bookkeeping, this is available for Premium clients starting from £80 per month for sole traders, or from £180 per month for limited companies.

Contractor accountants and beyond; how we do things at The Accountancy Partnership

Every business has different needs, so at The Accountancy Partnership there are more options for how you access and provide your records. You could either:

And if you do decide to use Pandle…

If you prefer to do your own bookkeeping using Pandle, our bookkeepers are here to help. From initial set up calls, to our in-app live chat support and product tours, they’ll even review your records on a regular basis – for free, whether or not you use our bookkeeping service. That way we can help you spot any potential issues before they become more serious problems.

Pandle is used by over 60,000 small businesses, contractors, and freelancers around the world.

It’s rich with bookkeeping tools and powerful automations designed to save you time on business admin, and reduce the risk of errors. You’ll be able to manage your business finances in real-time, from banking to uploading receipts for expenses, and even supercharge your invoicing process so you get paid more quickly.

Even better, you can add your accountant to Pandle and collaborate with them quickly and easily. It’s a world away from SJD Accountancy’s online portal for bashing numbers in.

To comply with GDPR, all communication with our servers uses a secure 128-bit SSL HTTPS connection. It’s the same technology that your bank uses to encrypt communications on their website.

And of course, to make sure your data doesn’t disappear, Pandle takes regular automated and encrypted backups which are securely transported to Google’s UK data centres.

Should I use The Accountancy Partnership or SJD Accountancy?

Whilst we’re both online accounting firms which provide services to contractors and freelancers, The Accountancy Partnership and SJD Accountancy operate in different ways.

Only pay for what you use

While some accountants, SJD Accountancy included, bundle their services together into a more expensive package, we don’t think this approach makes any sense.

Here at The Accountancy Partnership sole traders, limited companies, and partnerships pay for the essential accounting services most useful to their business. Then as you need them, you can add others like VAT returns or bookkeeping.

For example, VAT Services for a limited company

The Accountancy Partnership SJD Accountancy
  • Limited company accounting from £39.50 per month
  • Plus VAT services (if you need them) for £25 per month
  • £64.50 per month total
  • Limited company accounting
  • With VAT services included
  • From £120 per month


And whilst you can sign up for our services online, we won’t take payment until we speak to you in-person, just to make sure everything is right for you.

Accounting support across a range of areas


Choose The Accountancy Partnership if… Or go with SJD Accountancy if…
You want an accountant who you can talk to whenever you need them, as often as you like. You don’t want to speak directly to an accountant, or you’re happy to pay extra to do so.
You want an accountant who is able to help you beyond day-to-day contracting accounting. You only need an accountant who specialises in contractor accounting.
You would like bookkeeping software which includes support provided by your accounts team. You’re happy to use bookkeeping software without any support.


Learn more about our online accounting services for contractors and freelancers, and get an instant online quote.


Contractor accountancy services

From only £24.50 per month

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