As an adult, fire safety awareness and training can become nothing more than a Health & Safety tick box exercise. Tedious as it may be, commercial fire safety is of paramount importance to protect your business and your workforce.

What’s the damage?

In the unfortunate event of a workplace fire, the cost almost always extends beyond pure monetary value. Workforce injuries or fatalities are emotionally harrowing, and carry reputational damage if it’s as a result of negligence.

There’s also the cost of suspended or delayed operations to consider, with crucial documents and data lost, buildings damaged, and staff still to be paid.

If the incident is investigated and you’re found to have been negligent with fire safety and prevention, there will be a raft of legal fees and penalties coming your way, too.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few pieces of advice on what you should be doing as a business owner or commercial landlord to keep fire safety in check.

Carry out regular evacuation drills

This is not a drill – simulated evacuations are a crucial part of commercial fire safety. It might seem like a right pain having to ditch the cup of coffee you’ve just made. But, getting everyone out for a fake fire emergency will help:

Of course, the regularity of these evacuation drills depends on the level of risk and nature of your business, but experts recommend doing it at least once a year.

Conduct a fire risk assessment

This one is best left to the professionals and will enable you to effectively examine any potential risks and the potential spread of a fire. This way, you can then apply some educated damage control and hopefully prevent it ever occurring.

Ways to reduce the risk of a commercial fire breaking out

How does your business deal with fire safety? Share your tips and advice with us in the comments below or come and join the conversation over on Twitter or Facebook.

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