What are my obligations as the director of a limited company?

If you're new to running a limited company or are thinking of setting one up, you are probably wondering what's required of you.

As a director of a limited company, there are more legal obligations and requirements that you must adhere to, compared to operating as a sole trader. Understanding these obligations, will ensure you stay out of the cross hairs of HMRC.

This short tutorial video will cover all your obligations, keeping you and your business compliant.

What deadlines apply to my limited company?

Remembering the filing deadlines for your limited company is absolutely if you want to avoid receiving any penalties from HMRC.

If you’re new to business and are thinking of setting up a limited company, we can do this for you for you using our automated deadline reminders service.

This video guide will explain what deadlines apply to your limited company, and what penalties can rack up if you miss these.

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