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Can you believe it’s November already? We really can’t! But that won’t stop the dark nights from drawing in, so button up your coats, don your hats, scarves and gloves and come meet our November client of the month.

This month we spoke to Dr. Patrice Baptiste, founder and director of DreamSmartTutors, to find out more about the business.

Tell us a bit about DreamSmartTutors!

As a medical doctor and someone who is passionate about education I often make it a priority to speak to students about their career choices, in particular students who are interested in pursuing a medical career like myself.

Through speaking to students I realised a number of key points:DreamSmartTutors

  1. The students I was speaking to did not fully understand what doctors do on a daily basis, nor the career path(s) of a doctor. Even those students who were well informed still did not have a clear understanding of my role as a doctor, the on-going political dispute between junior doctors and the government nor the history and structure of the NHS.
  2. There are specific requirements for students wishing to study medicine and it is still a very competitive process. Applying to medical school can be daunting and students are often unsure where to start.
  3. Because there is such a strict criteria that needs to be followed when applying to medical school, in order to be successful there needs to be adequate guidance for students. A lack of guidance and support means students need to be well connected to secure that much needed work experience, which is often not the case for students from less privileged areas.

Therefore, at DreamSmartTutors we aim to educate and inform students about a career in medicine in addition to supporting them with the medical school application process.

This is achieved through a one day course and personalised tuition. I have a team of medical students and a database of doctors so that students get a true understanding of what it is like to be a medical student and a doctor and what opportunities are available to them in the future.

What kind of support do you offer students?

The main services we offer are courses. Currently we have launched the ‘Success in Applying to Medical School’ course this autumn, partnering with two schools to do this. We will also be launching two courses in the near future, ‘Do you Really Know what a Doctor does?’ and ‘Mock Interviews’.

During the courses we:

  • Educate and inform students about the career path and the working life of a doctor.
  • Connect students with medical students and doctors so that they gain a real perspective about medicine.
  • Go through the necessary criteria that students need to fulfil and how they can increase their chances significantly of securing a place at medical school.
  • Encourage students to interact with us and each other so that they can get the most out of the day.
  • Use a range of activities and teaching methods so that the students can maximise their learning.

We also offer personalised tuition services. This encompasses interview practice, personal statement and Curriculum Vitae (CV) reviews, medical school entrance exams information and practice and mentoring and career talks.

Are there any pieces of advice you find particularly important for those studying?

I would say that it is so important for anyone considering beginning a career (or changing careers) to know the type of person they are. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you like and dislike doing? Where do you see yourself in the future?

It is also crucial that students do their research and check that their personality and interests match those of the career requirements. Finally, it is so important to have a focus. Having a focus and set goals will enable you to succeed despite a number of things going on around you.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

I first heard of The Accountancy Partnership when I attended the Business Show earlier in the year. I spoke to a few accountants on the day and after thinking about what was being offered and what I wanted I decided that The Accountancy Partnership was the right choice for me. They were affordable and offered the services I need.

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership, if so, why?

I would most definitely recommend The Accountancy Partnership. I have found that the team are very efficient and have always responded to my queries quickly and completely.

They are all very polite, patient and understanding of my needs as a client. I have felt very well supported as I have embarked on my new journey starting a business. There are a range of services offered and the prices are reasonable and affordable, especially for someone like myself who has a small budget!

What do you have planned for DreamSmartTutors in the future?

I have a number of exciting plans; one of which involves a partnership with a similar organisation. Eventually, the aim is to have a wider range of courses and services in the future and to branch out into a number of other professions such as Law and Banking.

About The Author

Kara Copple

An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.

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