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Feeling a little stressed from a tough week? We have a Client of the Month that might just be able to help you.

For July’s Client of the Month feature, we spoke to Nat; hypno-psychotherapist, yoga teacher and owner of Aurora Mind and Body. So, find yourself a comfy seat in a cosy corner and learn about how hypnotherapy could help you relax after a long week.

Tell us about Aurora Mind and Body!

Aurora is all about mind and body well-being and helping people to feel happier and healthier. I strongly believe that if the mind feels well, the body is more likely to feel well too.Aurora Mind and Body

Everyone has daily tension to work through; some people like to talk through the things that are bothering them and others like to work through them physically (even if they don’t realise that this is what they are doing). This is why Aurora offers both hypnotherapy and yoga!

Why did you start the business?

I started the business as I wanted to break into the health and wellbeing sector and do something to help others. I’ve always been interested in how people think, and in health and fitness. I also earned my psychology degree while working full time in an unrelated role and wanted to do something with it.

Many companies specialise in fitness or in talking therapy, but there aren’t many who bring both together. The idea of ‘mind fitness’ is very close to my heart. Many people simply focus on physical fitness but the power of the mind shouldn’t be underestimated.

Why are hypnotherapy and yoga important?

Many people see hypnotherapy as some kind of mystical magic wand, but it’s actually not like that at all. There is a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy can be beneficial in the management of many ailments and it’s also a great complementary therapy alongside other treatments.

Hypnotherapy is based on the notion that we have both conscious and unconscious states of mind. The unconscious state of mind is otherwise known as a ‘trance state’ and we naturally enter these states throughout the day when we ‘zone out’ or when we’re concentrating on something. You can use hypnotherapy to make changes to the way you think and feel, so it’s a great way to overcome all sorts of challenges in your life.

Whether you want to learn to relax, give your fitness performance a boost, manage stress, lose weight, quit smoking, overcome a phobia, reach a goal or sleep better, so much can be learned about the self through hypnotherapy and it often doesn’t take long to start seeing results.

Yoga can be a relaxing physical practice, a very strong physical practice, or anywhere in between depending on the style of class. It’s great for improving strength and flexibility and also focuses the mind. Generally, you’ll leave a yoga class feeling worked out, stretched, focussed and calm!

What kind of treatments do you offer?

As far as hypnotherapy goes, I have a particular interest in helping people with their sport and fitness performance (helping them get ‘mind fit’!) and I also like complementing physical treatments people may be having (physio, sports therapy etc.) to help people manage pain following injury. I also offer weight loss and stop smoking packages amongst other things. I have two clinics; one in Swindon, Wiltshire and a virtual clinic which delivers therapy through the internet or over the telephone.

With Yoga I teach regular classes in gyms throughout the Swindon area and also provide cover for other Yoga teachers when they are on holiday. I tend to teach a balanced class based on the hatha and vinyasa yoga styles so my classes all offer elements of strength, flexibility and mental focus. I prepare a lesson plan every 6-8 weeks which is generally enough time for the class to learn the sequence, but not so long that the body adapts physically and therefore stops making changes.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

I chose The Accountancy Partnership as I liked the idea of having an online accountant. Time is at a premium for me so the less time I spend in meetings dealing with the admin side of my business, the more time I can spend on helping others.

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership?

I would absolutely recommend The Accountancy Partnership. My accountant (Mitul) has been great and he’s very quick to respond to emails, which is exactly what I need. For example, if I’m not sure how to categorise a transaction in my bookkeeping program, I need a swift response so it doesn’t get forgotten about. I know I can rely on Mitul to come back to me swiftly.

What do you have planned for Aurora Mind and Body in the future?

There are a few things on the horizon for Aurora in future such as expanding my Yoga class and offering more fitness-related hypnotherapy treatments. You’ll have to keep an eye on my website for details.

You can keep up to date on classes from Aurora Mind and Body on Facebook and Twitter.

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