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Small Business Saturday started in the US in 2010, on the first Saturday following Thanksgiving. It aims to encourage shoppers to consider using small local businesses when shopping.

With the UK picking up the tradition in 2013, Small Business Saturday has become big news for smaller retailers and businesses. To help you get the most out of it, we share some essential information so you can plan ahead for Small Business Saturday.

What day is Small Business Saturday 2024 in the UK this year?

The date of Small Business Saturday 2024 depends on whether you’re in the UK or in the US.

  • This year Small Business Saturday UK takes place on Saturday 7th December 2024
  • Its US counterpart is held after Thanksgiving on Saturday 30th November

How can I promote myself for Small Business Saturday?

Even if you’re brand new to marketing your business, there are lots of ways to promote yourself on Small Business Saturday this year.

Give customers an incentive

Plenty of sellers use Small Business Saturday as a reason to lure in new and existing customers alike, with a one-off discount for the day. Get everything in place, for instance by setting up a discount code for customers to use on your website, and including it on your social media posts.

If you’d rather not start offering discounts, consider how else you could add the value that your clients are looking for.

You may be able to offer a complimentary gift wrapping service, or include free drinks with a meal. Some businesses run their campaign as a referral service, with clients getting something for each new customer they bring in on the day.

Inform your clients

All those emails about Summer deals/End of Summer deals/Black Friday deals (and beyond) might build up in your inbox, but they do help to generate a buzz in advance.

Letting your existing customers know that you’ll be available for Small Business Saturday helps them be available for it too.

Some people might not know that SBS is a thing, so this is a great excuse to reach out, and encourage them to share your info. Some online-savvy businesses enter social media followers into a prize draw if they spread the word. Speaking of which…

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Prepare your social media and comms channels

Small Business Saturday has been big news on social media in recent years, especially across Twitter. Do a spot of research as to how other small businesses engage with the campaign and use it to drum up extra interest.

Where possible, schedule your content in advance; hopefully you’ll be busy with your customers! That said, sharing posts as the day progresses can be a nice touch, too.

It’s also worth remembering that most people use their mobile devices when searching for products, services, and offers. Mobile usage also ramps up at the weekends. Make sure that you’re ready with a website which is mobile optimised.

Connect with the official Small Business Saturday organisers

The organisers of Small Business Saturday in the UK have lots of great resources you can use, as well as advice for getting the most out of the day.

Use Small Business Saturday for a year-round boost

Rather than being proactive on just one day, use it as an opportunity to grow your social audience and build up a mailing list. You’ll need to ask permission to use any contact details for marketing purposes though!

Find out what your area is doing for Small Business Saturday

Lots of local councils take steps to support Small Business Saturday by providing free parking for the day, or creating temporary pedestrian-only areas. Find out what your local authority are planning – they might be able to include your business in any marketing work they’re doing.

Network with other businesses

Reach out to other small businesses who are taking part in Small Business Saturday. You could even partner up to offer deals which complement, rather than compete. You’ll both win more business as a result, whilst increasing the size of your audience.

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