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We talk to Michael Hutchinson about his role as an Accounts Semi-Senior here at The Accountancy Partnership.

Give an overview of the duties, functions, and responsibilities of your job.

I prepare tax returns, VAT returns and accounts. I also help my clients with their queries.

How are you able to use your skills to solve problems?

With experience! I have the knowledge and practical skills to solve most problems that I face.

Where’s your favourite place to visit on days off?

I have a baby nephew and niece, so I like to take them on days out to places like the zoo and Delamere Forest.

However, my favourite place to visit on my day off is the cinema. Me and my girlfriend love going to cinema as its always a fun day, and we like watching movies.

Tell us about your proudest achievement.

My proudest achievement is 3,000 press ups in 1 month, and that was to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

I am also proud that at the age of 19 I am an accountant at a big firm.

How would your colleagues describe you?

I think my colleagues would describe me as a hard worker and a friendly team player.

What are you reading/binge watching at the moment?

I have just finished all 12 seasons of Big Bang Theory and I’m very tempted to start it again! But currently I am binge watching The Office for the 3rd time as I find Steve Carell very funny.

Who do you admire, and why?

I admire my Mum because my Dad works away all week and she works full time as an accountant’s assistant. On top of her job, she takes care of me and my 6 siblings by doing all the cooking, cleaning, football practice, dance classes, washing and much more! She’s done this all of this for the last 15 years so its safe to say she is very admirable.


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