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After months of developmental meetings, inspirational art boards, content revisions, and more than a few cups of coffee, we are delighted to introduce to you not only our new website, but also our brand new logo!

What do you think?

Since 2006 we have helped thousands of small businesses from all over the UK succeed, by providing a friendly, comprehensive and affordable online accountancy service.

Now, a lot has changed since 2006, and so have we. We have grown to employ over 40 members of staff, catering for over 8,000 clients, whilst also developing various software products including our own bookkeeping software; Pandle.

So with all these major changes, we thought it was about time we had a refresh!

We’ve worked late into the night on more than one occasion, with the goal of ensuring our new website and company branding accurately portrays our innovative approach to the accounting industry. Delivering our low cost, online accountancy services to small businesses in the UK and beyond.


Our new logo

Before delving deeper into the new logo we’ve created, let’s take a moment to look back at where we started, even if it just for the sake of nostalgia!

Graphic design has changed considerably since 2006, and we’d like to think we have changed with it in our approach to our own company branding. 2014 saw our last website redesign, and accompanying modernisation of our logo; more evolution than revolution at this time.

Fast forward five more years to the present. It’s 2019, the world has changed, we’ve changed and we wanted our new logo to better represent the core values of our company. We’ve refreshed our colour palette for a more modern look, simplified our branding, and incorporated a new icon to symbolise the first class support all our clients receive when partnering with us.

What do you think? We hope you like our new look.



Our new website

As well as implementing our new branding across the site, we wanted to introduce some significant content and navigational changes. The overall layout of the site is now cleaner, simpler and more intuitive, making it easier for both prospective and current clients to find the information they are looking for.

Early on in the design process we decided our focus should be centred on redesigning our ‘Who we help’ pages, to offer clearer, more succinct details about the range of services and benefits which are included in our online accountancy packages. We hope the changes we have made to these pages make it simpler and easier for potential clients to understand exactly how we can help support the financial aspects of their business.

We also wanted to give a bigger platform to one of the main benefits of our service and undoubtedly our biggest accomplishment, Pandle. Prospective clients can now learn more about our refreshingly simple bookkeeping software without leaving the site, rather than being directed away to the main Pandle website.

This new dedicated Pandle page not only highlights the features of the software, whilst providing the option to view a video tour, but also explains the unique benefits which business owners receive when using Pandle as one of our clients.

Our menu and general site navigation has also been decluttered, removing pages which we could see had low traffic numbers. This will reduce any potential distractions for visitors and draw focus onto the information which really matters to them.

We’ve always been very proud of our customer service, and in turn the reviews we have received from happy clients. But it would be fair to say we weren’t really doing the best job of promoting these reviews to potential clients on our old site, well that has now all changed.

We have built a custom widget to display our client’s reviews, from a range of different review sites. These reviews are now a prominent feature on our new homepage and around the rest of the website. Our clients trust our ability to deliver a premium service, and we always do! So we decided it was about time to start shouting about it.

We know for some people the thought of an online accountancy service may seem impersonal, and that’s exactly why we have added our new ‘Meet the team’ page, so you know exactly who you’re talking to. From your own dedicated accountant, to one of our admin or payroll team you will now be able to put a face to the name at the bottom of those emails.

We also managed to drag a few willing participants in for a photo shoot one morning. Say cheese!

What’s next for The Accountancy Partnership?

As we strive towards our next milestone of 10,000 clients in 2020 we are going to be looking at moving TAP HQ to a brand new, bigger office, helping us to sustain the current industry leading year-on-year of the company.

We will also be continuing to develop and refine our current systems, creating a more streamlined approach which will help us to further simplify and improve the way we deliver our services to clients.

Alongside this work, new features are continually being added to Pandle, helping all our users to automate tasks and reduce the amount of time they need to spend on their bookkeeping. We have some exciting new features being released before the end of year, such as Invoice Write-Offs, Stock Control and many improvements to the Pandle Mobile app.

Not only that, we also have another big new addition to TAP coming very soon; our very own Help Centre. The Help Centre will be a one stop shop housing all the financial and accounting knowledge you require as a small business owner, freelancer or contractor. The Help Centre will include videos, articles and FAQs, so if there is something you’re unsure about then this is the place to find your answer!

We’ll keep you posted as soon it goes live.

We would love your feedback on our new site and company branding. Comment below, or reach out through our social media channels.

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