In November’s Client of the Month article we talk to Sarah Martin, founder of Power of the Pen.

What’s your name and your role in the company?

My name is Sarah Martin and I am the founder of Power of the Pen.

Tell us about your business

Power of the Pen has a few different facets, enabling me to offer a variety of skills to assist others in their endeavours, but my main focus is writing and editing. I work with words, compiling full features and blogs from scratch, and perfecting others’ drafts, or simple proofreading.

What drove you to start the business?

Power of the Pen was a natural progression for me. I have always been a wordsmith and would use my writing skills at every opportunity, despite working in an unrelated corporate role for many years. Constantly moonlighting as a journalist, editing proposals, etc for friends and contributing content to my employer’s – Goldman Sachs’ – global intranet site, it was really what I wanted to be doing full time, but I wasn’t sure how to take the leap.

When I moved back to the UK at the beginning of 2017, I remained employed by Goldman Sachs Australia for four months, working hours that overlapped with Sydney’s business day from my rural home in Wiltshire. This allowed me to fit my other passion – equestrian sport – around my work and confirmed to me that all I require to be effective is a laptop, telephone and strong internet connection.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

The Accountancy Partnership was recommended to me by another small business owner, as a one-stop shop for all my business and personal accounting, and online ‘due diligence’ I carried out left me in no doubt that Power of the Pen and I would be in good accounting hands!

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership?

I have recommended The Accountancy Partnership to a number of friends with small businesses and will continue to do so. My experience has been only positive – the consultants I have dealt with have gone above and beyond to resolve all my queries, with very clear communication and instructions as to what I need to provide to process my various accounts and ensure all are lodged on time.

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

My main objective for the business is to help as many others achieve their business goals as possible, by providing them with a positive and polished online presence. I would also very much like to add ‘ghost writer’ to my list of accomplishments and services offered on Power of the Pen.

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