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Calculate how much tax you will pay on your profits as a limited company versus as a sole trader

Use our free online limited company tax calculator to compare your take home pay as a limited company versus as a sole trader.

Estimate your annual profits to work out if registering your business as a limited company or as a sole trader is more tax efficient.

Or, if you’re already a sole trader, enter your annual profits to calculate the amount you might save by incorporating a limited company.

This calculator assumes that:

  • Figures are based on a full tax year
  • You are the only director of the company and will take a salary up to the National Insurance (NI) threshold
  • You do not have any other income
  • The profit amount is limited to the basic rate threshold, i.e. it is not possible to use it for amounts over the higher rate threshold

If you have more complex circumstances, then please talk to your accountant or one of our accountancy advisers today by calling 020 3355 4047 or by pressing the Live Chat button.

Sole Trader
Limited Company


Looking for more information?

We have a comprehensive range of free resources available

Sole Trader Guide

Discover everything you need to know about operating as a sole trader, including your deadlines and responsibilities.

 7 minutes

Free Download
Limited Company Guide

Discover the deadlines and responsibilities you need to know about when operating as a limited company.

 8 minutes

Free Download
Incorporating a limited company

Understand how to incorporate a limited company as a sole trader.

 3m 17s


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