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Use our online leave entitlement calculator to work out holidays

As soon as an employee starts work, they begin ‘accruing leave’, which means they are building-up a holiday allowance. Businesses use a 12 month period (a ‘leave year’) to work out how many days holiday have been accrued. Because it can be quite tricky, especially for part-time staff, we made a holiday calculator.

Accrued annual leave calculation

Use our online tool to calculate accrued holidays. Let our holiday entitlement calculator do the hard work for you. It will work out what holidays are due to an employee whether they started, left, or both, during a leave year.

Our calculator works out the basic entitlement, which is 28 days including bank holidays per year. The actual entitlement may be greater than this.

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1Is the holiday entitlement based on:

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