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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Management Accounts

As part of our Understanding Accountancy Terms articles, we explain frequently asked accounting questions. It includes accountancy terms and jargon to help…

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How Do I Choose an Accountant?

The great thing about today’s world is the sheer amount of choice when it comes to choosing an accountant. These days it…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Double-Entry Bookkeeping

Anyone who’s ever run a business or completed a tax return will know just how essential bookkeeping is. Recording the daily transactions…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Credit Control

All business owners struggle with late-paying customers at some point. It’s stressful, frustrating, and sadly, a pretty common problem. That’s where credit…

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What is a VAT68 form?

The VAT68 is a paper form which is used to ask HMRC to transfer the VAT registration of a business to someone…

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