Was there a problem or issue you were looking for an accountancy to resolve?

The nature of my business is very international. I have clients all over the globe and they use all sorts of methods of payment and they abide by different accounting rules.

Sometimes I have to adapt to their systems, since I am only a small business and most of them are large multinational corporations. So, I needed some explanation on how to adapt Pandle to a specific customer need.

How was this problem or issue affecting you/your business?

It was affecting the accuracy of my books, but luckily with the help of the accountant and Pandle staff, and some training, I was able to make my books mirror my client’s accounting.

Why did you decide to go with The Accountancy Partnership?

Being a small business, I have a very tight budget, and TAP has the best rates on the market. Plus I can access their accounting software, which, for my needs, is enough.

What would have happened had you not gone with The Accountancy Partnership?

I would have hired a local accountant, spending more money and most likely would have had to purchase my own license of the accounting software.

What benefits have you seen as a client of The Accountancy Partnership?

As an Italian qualified accountant, I was unaware of the legal requirements of accounting in the UK, so the Accountancy Partnership has provided me with the know-how and tools (Pandle) necessary to keep my books in order, as well as support in finding solutions to accounting issues.

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