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Was there a problem or issue you were looking for an accountancy to resolve?

Building a practice as a solo practitioner has its advantages. But, when you have big ambitions to change the world, the need to work smarter with the little time available after clinical and academic duties is paramount.

For me this meant outsourcing administrative, bookkeeping and accounting duties to a reliable and reputable company. I’d used two other self-employed accountants previously, but my business had come to the point that it had outgrown what they could provide me.

How was this problem or issue affecting you/your business?

Because the previous accountants were working solo, it meant that businesses like mine couldn’t benefit from the combined expertise of a larger team of accountancy professionals.

Their advice was not always up-to-date or particularly clear. This unfortunately meant I lost confidence in their ability to guide the growth of my business, and I was spending too much time cross-checking their suggestions rather than on my clinical and academic work.

Why did you decide to go with The Accountancy Partnership?

Looking at my business objectives over the next 5-10 years, I soon realised that I would need a support structure and a good team around me to enable me to reach my business goals.

I researched accountancy firms and after reading what TAP could offer, and seeing its reviews from many satisfied customers, I knew that it would be the one that would best suit my needs. I felt that TAP would grow with me when my business was ready to level up, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I won’t need to shop around to switch accountants again when that time comes.

What would have happened had you not gone with The Accountancy Partnership?

I have been with TAP for just over six months now and I genuinely feel that without TAP, I would still be stuck in a business rut.

I would still lack clarity on the steps I needed to take in order to drive my business forwards.

What benefits have you seen as a client of The Accountancy Partnership?

TAP has provided me with professional advice and guidance to enable me to make business decisions more quickly and confidently. I procrastinate less, experience less decision-fatigue, and use my time more efficiently to make wider business decisions that will support growth in my business.

I genuinely feel like I have access to a team of accountancy experts at the touch of a button with being a client of TAP.

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