Understanding Accountancy Terms: Cash Flow

In accounting, cash doesn’t just mean physical notes and coins. It also refers to money available to the business, such as in…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Balance Sheet

Our Accounting FAQs series covers important accountancy terms to help you understand what everything means. This time we’re covering what balance sheets…

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Do I Need to Include SEISS on my Self Assessment?

If you received the first or second Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grant, you will need to include it in your Self Assessment…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Overheads

Overheads are the costs required to run your business that aren’t directly related to the product or service you provide. Your overheads…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Debentures

A debenture is a type of loan agreement which is secured against a company’s assets (things that the company owns, such as…

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Understanding Accounting Terms: Gross and Net Profit

When thinking about profit, the definition of it seems simple enough. That is until you realise there are two distinct types of…

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