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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Liability

In our ongoing series of accountancy FAQs we explain accounting jargon to help small business owners. In this article we explain exactly…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Management Accounts

As part of our Understanding Accountancy Terms articles, we explain frequently asked accounting questions. It includes accountancy terms and jargon to help…

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Do I Need Other Directors to Form A Private Limited Company?

If you decide to set up a private limited company, you can do it by yourself without other directors. Setting up a…

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What Insurance Does My Startup Need?

It’s easy to overlook sorting out your insurance cover when starting up a brand new business. Ideally though, you shouldn’t really be…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Equity

As accountants, we are naturally well-versed in the industry lingo. For those running their own businesses, it can sometimes seem like a…

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What’s the Difference Between an Online Accountant and a Local One?

Accountancy firms can be found on high streets all over the country. Thanks to the internet age that we live in though,…

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