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Getting Ready for a New Tax Year in April 2020

The end of the 2019/20 tax year is rapidly approaching on 5th April, and like any new year’s resolutions it’s time to…

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5 Common Misconceptions About Accountants

Accounting is one of those professions that a lot of people don’t fully understand because most people will never need to hire…

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Understanding Accountancy Terms: Capital Gains Tax

Running your own business has enough challenges without having to worry what all of the accounting jargon means. It’s why our friendly…

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The Business End of Sabbatical Leave

If an employee wants (or needs) an extended leave of absence, their employer might agree to a sabbatical. What is a sabbatical?…

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Three Common Tax Mistakes That Freelancers Make

Tax can be a bit of a headache for anyone in business, and freelancers are no different. The danger of getting tax…

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Two Common Misconceptions About Business Expenses

Nothing is quite so misunderstood as business expenses. Writing something off as an expense has a nice ring to it, but the…

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