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Emma Pearson tells us more about her role as an Admin Assistant here at The Accountancy Partnership.

Give an overview of the duties, functions, and responsibilities of your job.

As part of the administration team, I deal with general queries from clients as well as answering the phones, adding new clients to our internal system, forming companies with Companies House, and general administration duties.

What is a typical working day like for you?

First things first, I always make a cup of tea whilst doing my registrations forms and formations. I then go on to emails and I focus on my checks, and will always go back to emails to finish the day.

What particular challenges do you regularly encounter?

VAT quarters and for these to be exactly right as this can caused problems at a later date.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced by your clients?

I think If they are VAT registered, the biggest challenge can be registering for Making Tax Digital as well as being able to authorise us as agents. We can help!

How are you able to use your skills to solve problems for them?

For MTD, the best way to solve these problems is to ensure we help clients actually understand the process. We’re all good at using our initiative, so we can often work through a process of elimination when facing a problem.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Having new challenges and interacting with clients.

What do you like most about working for The Accountancy Partnership?

Definitely the people I work with, they make the days so much better!

What skills do you find most useful to do your job?

Being able to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment

Where’s your favourite place to visit on days off?

I love going out to eat, so any restaurants that have good food!

Tell us about your proudest achievement.

My proudest achievement is climbing Moel Famau with my friends!

How would your colleagues describe you?

Loud, very Northern, friendly, and overly apologetic!

What are you reading/binge watching at the moment?

I am currently watching the Avengers in order, and trying to make my way through them!

Who do you admire, and why?

I admire my mum, I think she’s a strong lady and she always makes me laugh 😊

What question would you really like to answer, and what’s the answer?!

Is it a bap, batch or barm? …!


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