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Choosing the right accountant for your business can be a bit confusing, especially with so many options available. If you’re looking for a reliable online accountant, then The Accountancy Partnership and Crunch Accounting are probably both already in your search results.

At face value, The Accountancy Partnership and Crunch seem like they offer a very similar accounting and tax service, but there are some crucial differences.

The Accountancy Partnership and Crunch both provide accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax return services to small businesses, sole traders, contractors, and freelancers. Just in very different ways.

The Accountancy Partnership



per month

Online based

Free bookkeeping software

Suitable for small businesses

Annual accountancy health check

Direct access to your accountant

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Crunch Accounting



per month

Online based

Free bookkeeping software

Suitable for small businesses

Annual accountancy health check

Direct access to your accountant

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Online accountants, not outsourced accountants

To us, being an online accountant means providing a highly professional accounting service to businesses. We just happen to do this online. Rather than clients waiting for an in-person appointment (whilst paying for expensive high-street rates), we collaborate using the magic of modern technology.

For The Accountancy Partnership, that means our friendly team of UK accountants work together in our offices in the Northwest and in London. You have direct access to your accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll clerk, whenever you need them. You’ll always know who you’re working with, starting with our Meet the Team page!

We never outsource your accounts, or share your data externally. Never ever.

And this is one of the ways in which we’re different to Crunch.

  • Do Crunch outsource? Yes.
  • Does The Accountancy Partnership outsource? No.

Trying to understand Crunch’s business model

Crunch operate what they call a ‘Service and Software’ model. Clients sign up to use their free bookkeeping software (a bit like a lighter version of our very own Pandle). They can then pay extra to access one of Crunch’s client managers.

The client managers act as a sort of messenger between clients and the accountants that Crunch outsource work to. As a client you don’t get to choose who your details are shared with, or to access your accountant directly (without paying significantly more).

At The Accountancy Partnership we approach this from the other direction. Clients sign up for the accounting services they need, all delivered by our friendly in-house team. They also have free access to our feature-rich accounting software, Pandle, if they want to use it, but we leave that bit up to you.

Can I speak to my accountant?

You can get access to your own dedicated accountant:

The Accountancy Partnership

From £24.50 per month

Crunch Accounting

From £159.50 per month

Should I use The Accountancy Partnership or Crunch?

This depends on what you’re hoping to get from the service. Though they sound similar, Crunch and The Accountancy Partnership operate very differently.

Essential accounting services

At The Accountancy Partnership we provide a range of accounting services to help you run your business efficiently.

For instance, our online accounting services for limited companies start from only £54.50 per month, and include all of the absolute essentials, but without charging you for services you don’t need. We even include Self Assessment for up to two company directors.

Crunch’s services for limited companies start from £83.50, but this doesn’t include Self Assessment for a director (although it is included for one director in the Premium package which starts from £127.50 per month).

Online accountancy services

Get a quote and see how much you could be saving!

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Using bookkeeping software

You can use our bookkeeping software for free if you want to, but it’s not compulsory. If you prefer different software, or even if you want us to do your bookkeeping for you, that’s all ok too. Whichever method suits you best, we’re here to be your accountant.

Crunch come at this from the other direction. They provide the software, and you can access more help if you need it (for an additional fee).

What does the software include?


Pandle Pro
(Free for clients)
Accept Invoice Payments
Bulk Editing
Cash Flow Forecasting
Connect your bank account
(10,000+ secure feeds)

(approx. 12 feeds)
In-app Chat
Making Tax Digital compliant
Mileage Tracker
Mobile App
Multiple Currencies
5 currencies available
Payment Reminders
PayPal Feeds
Real Time Tax and Finances Dashboard
Using Brixx integration
Stock Control
Stripe Feeds
Upload Receipts
VAT Management

Stability and reliability

Crunch are growing, and fast, by outsourcing work to their accountancy partners. We’re growing too, by building our existing in-house accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll teams on a stable foundation of first-class service and trust.


Choose The Accountancy Partnership if… Or go with Crunch if…
You want a dedicated accountant that you can contact directly You don’t want to speak directly to an accountant, or are happy to pay extra to do so
You want bookkeeping software which is feature rich and easy to use, included for free You only need very basic bookkeeping software
You want an accountant who will be proactive about helping you save money and be as tax efficient as possible You only want occasional help via your client manager



Learn more about our online accounting services for small businesses, and get an instant quote online.

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