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Should I Buy Into a Franchise?

Starting your own business from scratch can be a daunting prospect with a lot of unknowns. To reduce some of that risk,…

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Do I Need Other Directors to Form A Private Limited Company?

If you decide to set up a private limited company, you can do it by yourself without other directors. Setting up a…

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What Insurance Does My Startup Need?

It’s easy to overlook sorting out your insurance cover when starting up a brand new business. Ideally though, you shouldn’t really be…

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How Do I Choose an Accountant?

The great thing about today’s world is the sheer amount of choice when it comes to choosing an accountant. These days it…

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Should I Start a Business In A Recession?

With the current coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, it looks like a recession is on the way. We look at…

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How to Legally Protect Your Business Name

Going into legal battle over the name of your business can be pretty expensive, as well as disruptive to growth. Choosing a…

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