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Short, sharp points are the absolute key to a good pitch. Whether you’re pitching to secure business investment, or giving a presentation to a client. Keep. It. Punchy.

We’ve all sat through the interminable presentation. The one where the presenter has slides which are awash with notes, and a determination to read all of them.

To help you engage the attention of potential investors during your business pitch, we’ve collated our absolute essential tips for pitch success.

Establish the facts

Give your audience the facts when you pitch for investment. Your introduction should consist of who you are, and why you’re there. Unless you’re on Dragon’s Den then your audience probably already know this bit anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to make it clear.

There are other inarguable facts that you can use to be persuasive, rather than trying to win someone round with your own ambitions. Referring to your performance so far, existing agreements, and the marketplace you operate in will ground your pitch in reality. Show potential investors that you’re a reliable bet!

Know your audience

It’s easy to get distracted by the parts of your business that you feel passionate about. When you’re pitching to investors though, tell your story from their point of view. Undertaking some serious research will help you identify which points to give particular emphasis.

That doesn’t mean lose the passion, or only tell them what they want to hear. Passion is a good thing to have, and demonstrates that you’re prepared to work hard. Just understand who you are pitching to, so that everyone’s passions are aligned.

Know everything about yourself

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash is reality. Know all of them. If you’re not the financial person in the operation, make sure they’re with you for the pitch!

The cold hard truth is that you’re there to ask for money, so someone on your side of the room needs to know everything about yours. It will help reassure potential investors that you’ll know what to do with their investment if they give it to you.

Heading, sub-heading, content

Every news story that’s ever stopped you in your scrolling tracks probably conforms to the principle of heading, sub-heading, content. Your business pitch is no different.

In real-world terms, your entire pitch should first be condensed into a very concise sentence. This is your engaging heading, whether it’s written or spoken.

The sub-heading is where you expand on things by (also very briefly) identifying your proposed route to success.

And finally, spend a few minutes discussing the finer points. The bulk of a good presentation usually deals with answering the most obvious questions, and compounding your most saleable points.

Everyone gets nervous

Even the people who have stood in front of hundreds of people, hundreds of times, get a bit nervy before their big moment. All of the extra adrenaline which your body starts pumping around usually results in a wavery voice, a blotchy neck, and beautifully sweaty hands. (I’m never going to make a living as a professional poker player). It’s OK. Nice deep breath.

Prepare as much as possible. Rehearse your pitch over and over until you don’t need your notes. Have your notes with you just in case your mind suddenly goes horrifically blank.

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