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The deadlines for getting your tax return to HMRC vary depending on what type of return it is and what method you use to submit it.

For self assessment returns that are filed online, the deadline is 31st January whereas, for paper based returns it is the slightly earlier date of 31st October. However, it should be noted that 31st October 2011 is the last time HMRC will accept paper returns, after this date all tax returns must be submitted online.

In contrast, submission deadline for corporation tax returns is dependent on the company’s year end as it falls exactly twelve months after the end of its financial year. For example, if a company’s year end is 30th June 2011, the corporation tax return would be due on 30th June 2012.

The above dates are the deadlines that stand in 2011- 12. HMRC may change these dates at any time and therefore it is important to keep up to date with your accountant as to the current deadlines.

If you have any queries about tax return deadlines please do not hesitate to phone or email us, or alternatively, you can simply use the live chat link available.

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