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Don’t worry if the thought of creating video footage for your social media account makes you feel a bit sick, you’re not alone. According to our digital marketing team, it’s entirely normal for clients to be overwhelmed by social media, full stop. The idea of creating video footage is enough to bring on a cold sweat.

Here are nine video ideas that can be created using a smart phone. Minimal editing and musical backing track optional.

Behind the scenes #BTS

You could take your audience on a guided tour through a day in the life of your business. You could follow an order through the fulfilment process, or the logistics of service delivery. If it’s long, consider using a time lapsed edit. And remember, don’t let slip any data or trade secrets!

Staff profile

Introduce a member of staff, or the whole team! They could give a quick overview of what they do, and how this is useful for clients. Take a look at our Staff Spotlight features for inspiration.


If you ask customers or clients to submit video testimonials as part of a contest (or just because) you won’t even need to film them yourselves! Plus, genuine reviews are gold for any business.

Countdowns and teasers

No need to reveal too much, consider it a trailer for a new service or product in the pipeline. It will whet people’s appetite ready for the launch.

The launch

The new product or service launches! Unbox or reveal new products with a little fanfare, or confirm the release of a new service. Tell customers what it is, how it works, and how to get their hands on it.

On the road

Film a segment at a trade show, exhibition, event, award ceremony or fundraiser. If you don’t have any in the calendar, go rogue with your products for testing in the field!

Respond to feedback

This is always easier if you’re responding to positive feedback. Deal with negative feedback in a mature way, and show how you’ve made changes as a result. It will demonstrate that you’re the kind of business to do business with.

Celebrate new partners or agreements

Signing a new deal might mean increased availability or service delivery. Introduce the new players as a way of combining your collective audiences.

How to, and top tips

Create guidance videos, such as using a product or combination of products together. If you offer a service, you could demonstrate how to prepare. For example, a designer might explain how to research ideas to help a client get ready to develop a brief.

According to research by Renderforest, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video online, so it’s well worth considering.


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