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With the recent snow storms bringing businesses, schools and public transport to a standstill, a lot of businesses are just starting to pick up again.

Even those businesses that stayed open had fewer staff able to come in due to transport disruptions and many having to look after children after schools were shut.

One of the ways you could combat the problem of staff not being able to come in is offering them the ability to work from home.

It could be just in emergencies or during illness, a permanent thing or an occasional treat for employees. Whatever you choose, here are some of the benefits to letting employees work from home.

Helps with morale

Working from home seems like a dream to many workers and as a result their morale is going to go up if you introduce it at your workplace.

The daily commute is no one’s favourite thing to do, whether you go by car, bus or walk. Not having to get out and join the commute can give employees a boost to their mood and productivity.

Employees will take fewer sick days

Employees who have the chance to work from home will end up taking fewer sick days as spending the day at home while ill is better than being sat in an office.

It could also cut down on the amount of illnesses passed around the office if people stay at home when they’re ill. Bringing illnesses into the office can bring a natural slowdown to productivity and can lead to more absences anyway.

That doesn’t mean that all ill employees should have to work from home but it’s an option for those who feel able but don’t want to bring a bug into the office.

Helps to get new parents back to work

If you’ve got new parents in your workforce, they’ll appreciate the flexibility to work from home occasionally. This means they’ll be less likely to have to cut their hours down as they can keep working in a way more convenient for them.

Hiring remote workers saves space

Hiring workers who only work remotely will end up saving you space in the office and will cut down on common expenses like tea and coffee.

This method also removes the location limit to your employee search as you’ll be able to hire someone from across the country if you need to.

You’ll improve staff retention

Working from home is a good selling point in job interviews that might help you win over the best employees. It will also lead to better staff retention as they feel their work-life balance is being addressed and improved.


Have you introduced working from home at your office or are you considering it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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An experienced business and finance writer, sometimes moonlighting as a fiction writer and blogger.

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