There’s no doubt about it, managers often get a bad rap. From magazine articles to the movies we go and watch in the cinema, those in a managerial role are often caricatured as a fire-breathing dragon who is a complete nightmare to work for.

The kind of person who isn’t even worth making eye contact with until they’ve had a least two double-shot coffees in the morning.

In most instances, this isn’t the case whatsoever but in others, it sadly isn’t too far from the truth – we’ve all worked for the kind of senior member of staff whose bad temper has made us consider keeping a fire extinguisher under our desks just in case.

Worryingly, this kind of leadership can be extremely detrimental to communication, productivity and in extreme cases, the mental wellbeing of staff.

So, in this article, we want to offer our advice on how to be a better manager in order to ensure you’re building healthy relationships with your colleagues and wringing the most potential out of your team.

DON’T let the power go to your head

Doing so could lead you to become the dreaded micro-manager who takes control of everything and can’t trust your team with any level of responsibility.

DON’T take your job title too seriously

Don’t let the concept of being ‘Manager’ deter you from helping others or temporarily stepping into roles that you might consider to be below your remit if and when called upon to do so.  Remember – you’re still part of a team.

DON’T dismiss ideas from those below you

Just because you’ve worked your way up to a more senior role, doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about your industry. In fact, young and new talent are often the ones with their ears on the ground so take advantage of their knowledge and fresh perspectives.

DO recognise your limits and accept help

Being a manager doesn’t make you a superhero. We’re all still humans with strengths and weaknesses regardless of our job titles so it’s important to recognise your weak points and accept help from those who can fill in the gaps.

DO take measures to boost motivation

In order to carry out your role as manager well, you need to stay on top of motivation and morale. Whether it’s organising team-building events or holding regular personal reviews, you need to take the lead in making sure your staff are happy in their jobs.

DO take a break from time to time

No matter how well you receive ideas from others or how professionally humble you stay, nobody can be a great leader if they’re burnt out. Taking some time out to rejuvenate as and when you need to is as essential for your team as it is for you.


Now we’ve shared our tips on becoming the best manager you could possibly be, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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