You won’t need us to tell you that we’re now spending more time at work than ever before and to-do lists just keep on getting longer. As a result, there now needs to be a shift in how we operate and one of the most effective ways to adapt your workplace is to reap the rewards of a ‘smart office’.

First things first though…

What is a smart office?

The brains behind smart office management app, iOt Space describe it as being:

“A workplace where technology enables people to work better, faster and, of course, smarter” so that they have “enough time to focus on growing businesses and innovating”.

The first tell-tale signs of the working world becoming smarter were with the introduction of the internet, and things that we take for granted now like laptops and emails. Then came things like app technology, cloud software and smart devices.

Now, the modern working world is becoming even more high-tech with new-fangled gadgets, integrated systems, software and tech products which seek to make processes smoother, faster and more efficient.

We’re talking things like:

The benefits of a ‘smart’ working environment:

For some people, advancements in technology and the prospect of a shiny new smart workplace is mega exciting. For others – including diehard traditionalists – it fills them with nothing but dread and the fear of change.

That said, there are so many reasons why you need to encourage your staff to hop on board the smart office bandwagon (even if it does require a bit of staff training) with just a few including:

Have you introduced your bookkeeping to the digital world yet?

As part of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiatives, you are now required to keep digital account records and submit digital copies of your returns online. This isn’t just because HMRC want to be a royal pain in the behind – it’s all part of becoming quicker, more efficient and more streamlined.

Smart accounting is a fantastic way to reduce human error to as close to zero as possible, lower stress levels, make the whole process more time-efficient and help avoid penalties with automated deadline prompts.

No longer do you need to rely on the good old Post-It note stuck to the calendar in your kitchen cupboard routine!

Did you know we offer our very own cloud-based bookkeeping software, Pandle? It’s simple, intuitive and super affordable, with unlimited support from our team of experts included as part of the service. For more information, call us on 020 3355 4047 or send an email to 

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