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Top 5 Online Management Advice Resources Every Start-up Needs to Know About

Building a business from the ground up can mean you have a certain attachment to its success, making it difficult to delegate work and ask others to look after it. However, there has to come a time when you trust others and once you’re at that level, you should do everything you can to learn how to do just that.

No matter what sector you’re in, never underestimate the importance of being a good manager and learning more about human resources. This may not be your favourite topic, but it pays to read as much as you can.

Here are our top five online management advice resources that every start up needs to know about. 

Startup Management

William Mougayar is sort of like a start-up fairy godfather, filling Startup Management with all kinds of relevant advice and resources that any start-up needs. From your early days to your eventual growth, this site is packed with business strategy, management tools, finance advice and HR wisdom.

His mission statement? “I wanted to provide the resources I wished I had in one place when I was running my startups.”

HR Magazine

With posts almost every day, HR Magazine fills your inbox with articles that fall under three main categories: ‘Strategic HR’, ‘Operational Efficiency’, and ‘Personal Development.’ If you are a complete novice, you can use every aspect of this site, but more experienced entrepreneurs will find a lot of important information here as well.

In their words, this site is for “people-focused, forward-thinking, business leaders who want insight into and examples of business-contextualised HR in order to develop high-performing organisations.”

Ask a Manager

Alison Green calls her website Ask A Manager, “an ode to bad managers of my past.” I think we can all relate! She answers reader questions in a funny, skilled and professional way, giving you the advice and strategies that you’ll need when you take on staff.

Women of HR

This useful and well-written blog is a valuable resource for HR and management issues that puts the focus on women in business. Any female start-up entrepreneur needs to start accessing this site, as it gives practical and innovative ideas about how to manage staff, advance your business, and jump the hurdles present for women in the start-up world.

In their own words, it’s also “a place to find community and collaboration.”

Workplace Insight

Let’s put it this way – you can’t afford NOT to read Workplace Insight. It offers a whole host of content about the design of your workplace, as well as how to manage your team from the get go.

Mark Eltringham runs the site, and covers all kinds of issues relating to HR and management, alongside contributions from professionals in many relevant sectors.


What resources do you rely on (aside from us!) for information on how to run your business? Leave your comments in the section below!

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