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Taking Corporate Responsibility for the Environment

Taking Corporate Responsibility for the Environment earth within energy saving lightbulb

Sustainability is an important concept in business. The ability to consistently source and complete work over time is what underpins the ability to earn money, and keep earning.

In the past it’s this pursuit of the bottom line that has left businesses with the responsibility of choosing between a sustainable choice or a financial one. There was a lot of pressure though,  a morally founded expectation, that businesses should always take the eco route even if it cost more.

Environmental consciousness in business

To be fair, there hasn’t always been the same level of opportunity for environmental consciousness in business that there is now. These days, technologies such as solar power energy are much cheaper, and much more widespread.

It used to be that manufacturers who needed a high volume supply of power were obliged to depend on the most stable source. Nowadays, the renewable energy sector has better capability to meet that sort of demand.

Power saving tips to save your business money

  • Lights activated by motion sensors and then switched off on a timer mean businesses don’t have to be left in the dark ages of energy efficiency.
  • Likewise, timers on equipment that switches from standby mode to actually off saves a huge amount of energy, and will cut down the electricity bill.
  • Installing a smart meter will tell you where the power is being used, and help to identify instances where power is being left running unnecessarily.
  • Effective insulation of pipework will minimise the wastage of water (every time you wash your hands, hot water is left in the pipe, often to go cold quickly).
  • Building insulation means spending less on heating and cooling to overcome external temperatures, too.
  • Check what your energy supplier uses for fuel; some operate entirely on renewable energies.

Ethical waste disposal for businesses

  • Some types of waste require special licensing or permits to ensure it is disposed of correctly and safely. But, checking how and where it is disposed of can encourage more ethical waste practices. Speak to the supplier, or shop around for alternatives.
  • Prevention can be the most effective cure. Actively seeking out how to reduce wastage is a cost saving measure, and helps the environment, too.
  • Take a look at the materials used within a business. If information is produced digitally, it might not need print production. Where printing, packaging or production materials are in use, see what alternatives are available. Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular replacement for some plastics, especially in the food industry.

Funding for a sustainable future

There are a number of organisations who provide advice and funding for businesses looking to operate in a more sustainable way. It can involve developing new production processes, the buying of specialist equipment, or even support in changing energy supplier.

Funding schemes open and close regularly, so regular checking can be useful.

The Carbon Trust

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

GOV.UK Finance and Support

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