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Staying Committed to Your Business New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Right, so, you’ve set your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. You’ve typed them into a note on your phone, you’ve pinned them to the noticeboard at home; you’ve even made typography graphics out of them for your ‘You Can Do This’ board on Pinterest.

Now all you’ve got to do is see them through. That’s the hard bit, right? Here’s our simple advice for when the novelty wears off and your patience starts to wear thin.

Keep your main motivation in mind

The best way to stay on track with any commitment of this type – in both your professional and personal lives – is to have a reason for doing it.

Envisage this as your end-goal and use it as motivation to encourage you to keep going. Don’t just set resolutions for the sake of it – make sure they have a purpose.

If you don’t, then it can be all too easy to shrug your goals off as something that ‘wouldn’t have made much difference anyway’.

Set yourself targets and deadlines…

Break your resolutions down into bitesize stages by staggering specific targets and deadlines as you go. This way, any changes you are making won’t seem so overwhelming.

…but make sure they’re realistic

If you set aims and objectives that are completely unattainable to begin with, you’re only going to be setting yourself up for failure.

Be realistic about factors such as budget, available time and ability in order to set yourself targets that are actually within reach.

Don’t be curtailed by setbacks

If success was one straightforward journey to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we probably wouldn’t need to set business New Year’s Resolutions at all.

However, business-ownership is a hair-raising rollercoaster ride that will see you experience setbacks as well as victories. Don’t see these as failures or let them hold you back – learn from what hasn’t gone to plan and just use it to your advantage thereafter.

Evaluate and adjust along the way

Whether things are going swimmingly or not quite so well, set aside some time once every couple of weeks to assess your approach and development.

Whatever is going well – just keep doing that. Whatever isn’t really working – go back to the drawing board and figure out an alternative plan of action.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

Ambition is a truly wonderful thing but even the most dedicated business owner has to rely on a helping hand from time to time.

Maybe there are some gaps in your skillset that are holding you back, or perhaps your to-do list means you’re just pushed for time. Either way, make 2019 the year you realise delegation and outsourcing are a sign of managerial strength rather than entrepreneurial weakness.


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