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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Workday

All too often as three o’clock comes around our workday takes a nosedive into a lethargic slumber. It’s more difficult to concentrate, our lunches have made our eyelids fight to stay open and struggle to fight away the mid-afternoon doze.

But is there a way to curb this workday apathy before it hits? Of course. That’s why we’ve collected the best ways to keep that workday laziness at bay by making the most of the time you have and getting your work completed to the best of your ability. Here are our seven ways that you can make the most of your workday.

Walking meetings

While not a favourable option in winter, as summer approaches walking meetings are a much more exciting prospect.

Rather than being cooped up in a stuffy office, you should encourage your colleagues to take a walking meeting with you, whether it’s in the local park or down the road for a cup of coffee. This will give the meeting a new dynamic and make the process much less stifled, offering an opportunity for new ideas which a normal meeting may not have inspired.

Green up the office

Plants provide your office with not only some leafy decoration, but that all-important oxygen. Pop a couple on your desk and reap the benefits of having a spring time spruce up (pun intended).

Plants can help reduce your stress, increase productivity and boost your creativity. Heading to a garden centre seems a pretty small price to pay for all those fantastic benefits, especially when they’ll help you get the most out of your day!

Jot new ideas

Working the 9-5 can sometimes stump your creative flow, meaning you struggle to bring new ideas to your team. This can not only hinder your own productivity, but stunt that of the whole office.

In order to make the most of any ideas you do have, no matter how seemingly silly or insignificant, you should jot them down on a post-it. They’re not set in stone and you aren’t obliged to declare every one in your Monday meeting.

However, this simple process will help you get in the habit of acknowledging your own ideas whenever you do have them and when a good one strikes, you’ll be ready!


One of the more obvious points on our list is to stay hydrated. While it might be terribly blatant, it’s still one that many fail to do.

Drinking water regularly throughout the day will stop your mind and body getting tired and starting to feel lethargic as the hours roll on. A 2013 study by the University of East London revealed that drinking water can increase productivity by 14%, with plenty of other studies outlining the correlation between drinking water and better cognitive function.

Therefore it makes plain and simple sense to keep a bottle by your desk and sip away all day!

Dress for success

Plenty of offices today offer employees the chance to dress more casually for work, promoting a relaxed atmosphere that isn’t stuffy and pompous.

However, with this allowance can come a degree of sloppiness. There’s no need to think too much about what you’ll wear tomorrow which can mean you end up throwing on the first thing within reaching distance.

While this could save you a smidgen of time in which to have a few extra minutes in bed, it does mean you can end up feeling sloppy and just a bit too relaxed at work.

Instead, try planning your outfits so you’re casual enough for the office but still smart enough to be productive. This can help you be more productive during the day as you feel ready to work.

Avoid sugary foods

One of the worst culprits for slowing you down in the work day is sugar.

While those office donuts look tempting, and will give you a quick burst of energy, they’ll do nothing other than make you feel even more tired and unproductive later in the day.

Avoid sugary foods and instead stick to healthier alternatives like a fruit snack or a mixture of seeds, nuts and sultanas to nibble throughout the day. This will keep you going without ruining your productivity levels.

Prepare with a positive mind-set

The best way to stay productive throughout the day is to enter your workplace with a positive mind-set. There are a few ways you can achieve this and the best way will vary depending on each person.

For some, meditation first thing in the morning is the best way to wake up and get themselves into a positive mind-set for the day ahead. However, for others starting the day with a session at the gym gets them in the right mentality for the work day.

Whatever helps you carry that positive mentality through the rest of the day, do it! You’ll be sure to feel the benefits as you continue to make it a regular habit.

How do you make the most of your workday? Are there any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve? Share them in the comment section below!

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