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Although we, as businesspeople, often look decidedly less exotic than the creatures roaming around the rainforest, in our greyscale office attire, we aren’t as different from them as we may initially think. Through watching way too many David Attenborough documentaries, we have come to the conclusion that the business world could learn many valuable lessons should they too observe the mighty animal kingdom.

Survival of the fittest

As the gruelling food chain system demonstrates, it’s a harsh world we live in where the fittest comes out on top. In the animal kingdom being the fittest means having the best hunting instinct, the strongest mating habits and the ability to fight off anything that dares threaten you and yours. On Planet Business, if you look closely enough, things are pretty much identical. While we don’t go around feeding off of each other or habitually mating, we do need to develop a hardy survival instinct and possess the tools required to see our strategies through.

Staying in the loop and on top of industry trends is a sure way to secure yourself a real fighting chance of reigning victorious. Knowing your market inside out and back to front is akin to a cunning tiger sniffing out prime prey stomping ground. Impeccable management skills will ensure your business is running as sweet as a nut, while strong online visibility and digital marketing will help you climb to the top of the ranks.

Like the tiger’s prey, your audience will wise up to your strategies and the thrill of the chase will be lost. Constantly reinvent your brand and your product to keep them on their toes. Continued reinvention will keep your existing audience alert, as well as tempting a whole new demographic to come forward.

Run with the pack

You don’t need us to tell you that teamwork is vital for making your business work. You only need to observe the sense of unity displayed by a pride of lions to understand the benefits of loyalty, dedication and mutual motivation. When it comes to business, especially small businesses, trust is essential because suspicion or a locking of horns amongst the group can be detrimental to the workforce and even have fatal consequences for your business.

Like the vision of migrating birds zipping seamlessly across the sky on their merry way to their next destination, you need to establish common ground amongst your workforce. It is on these foundations that a harmonious and efficient team can be built. Failing to do so could leave you being laughed out of the brutal marketplace at the mercy of a haggle of cackling hyenas.

There will be snakes in the grass

While you’re watching your team members’ backs and driving the business up the food chain, make sure you keep one eye on ground level too. There will always be sly snakes lurking in the grass, ready to slither out across your path and trip you up. In the business world, these toxic vipers come in the form of toxic people such as fraudsters, scam artists, cyber attackers and online trolls.

Knowing how to deal with bad reviews left by the enemy is a good place to start when it comes to fiercely protecting your livelihood. We covered a few pointers on doing this in a blog post not so long back which you can catch here. It is also worth enlisting the help of experts and modern technology just to ensure your safety measures are up to scratch. There is a whole host of software available today to encrypt your vulnerable data and records, while a great accountant can help ward of any financial fatalities.

Eat or be eaten

If the wily gazelle who camouflages herself in the tall grass sits still for too long, a hungry pack will pounce on her and rip the meat from her delicate bones. Dropping the ball for just a single second will leave her vulnerable and your business is the same when it comes to clawing your place to the top of the chain. Remember, if you can’t be bigger, better, faster and stronger, there is always somebody who can.


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Karl Bilby

We work very closely with our expert accountants to bring you the latest factually correct tax and accounting news. We also enjoy writing about small business news that we hope you find useful!

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