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According to new research from CV-Library, 69.1% of those surveyed were found to be losing up to 16 days a year commuting. More than a third, 38.6% said that they commuted for up to two hours every working day.

CV-Library surveyed 1,200 workers in order to hear their opinions on their commutes. They found that while 62.9% of people said that they enjoyed their commute, 66.2% said that they would be willing to relocate to make it shorter. Over half, 57.3% said they would turn down a job offer if it meant a longer commute to work.

Founder and managing director of CV-Library said: “Unfortunately, commuting is often part of the job, especially for those living in bigger cities where inner-city housing can be expensive or in short supply. That said it’s alarming to learn that many professionals could be losing days, even weeks, each year to their commute, but at least some do appear to be enjoying it!”

Using the time more effectively

47.1% said that they would like to use their commuting time more effectively. At the moment 33% said they listened to music during their commute, 11.1% read, 6.1% learn new things, 5.4% work and 3.8% use the time to speak to family or friends.

49.8% said they drive to work which narrows down the amount of things they can do during their commute. 15.1% said they get a bus, 14.3% said they walk and 10.8% get a train.

“While it’s good to see that many use this time to do recreational activities instead of overworking themselves, it’s clear that many wish they could make better use of this time. However, this could prove difficult for the majority who are stuck behind the wheel during their journey. Working during long commutes, or doing nothing if you’re unable to, brings about the discussion of work-life balance – are professionals losing too much of their free time travelling to and from work?” Biggins added.

He also said: “It’s clear from the data that UK professionals would like shorter commutes, but this is not always possible or practical. If your commute is taking up a large part of your day, use this time to do things you enjoy, and even to improve your skills or learn something new. With so many apps and new technologies available it’s possible to read, watch TV, or learn another language from pretty much anywhere!”


What to do during your commute:


Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

This is a good option for just about anyone. It can be useful for people who drive because it’s hands-free or for people who don’t want to carry books around with them all day. It’s a good time to catch up with your favourite author or learn something new.

Play logic games

Sometimes a game that gets you thinking can wake you up better than a morning cup of coffee. There are tons of free apps for things like Scrabble, chess or Sudoku which can get your brain working before you’ve even stepped into the office.

Learn on the go

Choose a subject you’re interested in and make a conscious effort to learn more about it. It’s up to you how you learn, it could mean reading non-fiction books, listening to podcasts or doing activities online via your smartphone. As Biggins mentioned above, you could even use this time to learn a new language with apps like Duolingo.

Create to-do lists

If you’ve got a busy job then creating a to-do list before you get to work might be a useful way to use your time. It’ll help to clear your mind somewhat and let you get straight to work when you come in. It’ll also help with procrastination if you’ve already got a plan of action for the day while people are still waking up at their desks.

Sort out your emails

Walking into the office to a bulging email inbox is never fun and going through them can end up taking up a large part of a morning. If you can sort through your emails, order the important ones into folders and delete the irrelevant ones before you get into the office, this gives you a head start.


This is one of people’s favourite things to do during the commute. Some people use it as free time to dip into a novel. Others prefer to catch up with the news or read blogs on subjects they’re interested in or are relevant to the industry they work in.

This can be important research for managers and business leaders in particular who need to keep aware of the issues facing their industry, the government or the economy.


What do you do during your commute? If you’ve got any tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

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