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If you own an SME, it’s likely that you have little time or staff hours to manage your social media. So, how can you ensure that you’re attracting and keeping followers?

The over-simplified answer is to provide useful and interesting content. Here are seven types of social media post that are proven to attract attention.

Images & Video

An image attracts the eye and engages the brain differently to text. A video adds another dimension by providing an aural component and holding your followers’ attention for a longer period of time. From humorous gifs and pictures of your products or staff to instructional videos and video reviews, the ways to use visual mediums on social media is endless.

Research proves again and again that posts that include images attract more attention, while the generation currently turning from students to consumers are immersed in a video-based culture.

Questions, Suggestions & Polls

People love to be asked for their input, whether it’s feedback, reviews, their suggestions for your next lunchtime dish or t-short design or just a reply to your light-hearted query about what they had for breakfast that morning.

Polls may be a safer road for some kinds of opinion gathering, particularly if you’re not prepared to follow through on turning all opinions into fact (Boaty McBoatface, anyone?). If you want customer opinions, whether it’s about something fun and silly or it’s letting them have some input into a business development, a poll can be a good way to gather them while restricting them to sensible (and publicly repeatable!) choices!


Who doesn’t like something for nothing (or at the most, for a follow, share or use of a hashtag?). Giving away products or services to randomly selected followers or a numbered active responder (e.g. ‘the 1000th RT wins a signed book’) is a great way to make your followers sit up, take notice and interact.


Whether they have to answer a question or create something, bringing out the competitive spirit in your followers and offering a prize to the winner(s) is a powerful combination.

Special Offers

Discount codes and deals may not make the most fascinating reading themselves, but they will attract traffic to your website and potentially boost your sales.

Keeping customers aware of these offers also helps foster an impression of your company as one that regularly offers good bargains and may have something to offer at times when your customers are short of money.

Humour & Happiness

Gifs, jokes, silly pictures of staff, quirky facts, light-hearted questions and comments, cute pictures of rabbits; anything that will make your followers smile or laugh will get their attention – and they’re likely to remember it for far longer than a dry, factual message.

Instruction & Information

What smoothies can your customer make with that blender they just purchased? How can they fit that spare part to their washing machine? How can they make sure the shed to erected for them stays that lovely colour? If they liked the latest book you published, what similar books could you suggest they read next?

Posts that give instruction and additional, interesting information or suggestions are always popular. Places to go, meals to cook, things to make, ways to fix things, tips on how to do things more easily, efficiently or cheaply – people love to read about things that can help them or enhance their lives.

There are seven types of post here and handily, seven days in the week. Why not try to publish one type of post a day for the next week, to establish or add to your posting schedule?

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Karl Bilby

We work very closely with our expert accountants to bring you the latest factually correct tax and accounting news. We also enjoy writing about small business news that we hope you find useful!

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