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Entrepreneurs hiring an employee have a lot of obstacles facing them. You need to learn about all the rules and legislation that comes with hiring, learn about payroll, manage their holidays and, perhaps most difficult, learn to split your workload with someone else.

To help you avoid micromanaging your new employee, you should prepare yourself for their arrival. This way, you’ll be able to work out what responsibilities you’re ready to pass over, and which ones you’ll need to continue working on yourself. Here are our top tips on how you can get ready to introduce your first ever employee into your business.

Plan your recruitment process

When the workload gets too much, it can be tempting for new employers to throw out an advert and hire the first candidate who walks through. This will save you time, but in the long run you’ll have a higher turnover of employees, rather than one loyal employee dedicated to driving the company forward.

Find the right candidate by perfecting your recruitment process and taking time to find the right employee, rather than the one who’s most convenient.

Advertise wisely

Avoid publishing your new job advertisement everywhere you can. Instead, take time to consider how your ideal candidate may come across the position you’re advertising. Would they find it online, in a newspaper or a specialist magazine?

Take your placement choice into consideration when you’re choosing how to advertise – it can make a big change to the group of people who see it.

Check your network

Before sending a job advertisement out, try having a look in your local network for talent.

Even if you know the perfect candidate but they already have a position, they could be thinking of changing job. Always send a quick message, no matter what their current state of employment is, to see if there’s a chance they might be interested.

Make space for them before interviews

Instead of inviting interviewees into a small backroom with one desk squeezed in, consider where you’ll put them. They may like to see their potential workspace, or may ask about the office environment.

Make sure you’re prepared for them by setting up a space before you hold interviews.

Ask the right questions

If you head into the interview with the intention of ‘winging it’ off a few questions, and the vibe you get from each candidate, you may not be in for a particularly successful interview.

Instead, you should carefully plan what questions you want to ask every interviewee. This will keep the conversation centred on the position you’re advertising, rather than going off on a tangent meaning you find out about their pets, rather than their skillset.

Are you in the process of hiring your first employee? What have been the obstacles and how have you overcome them? Leave your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below.


About The Author

Suzanne Goodier-Dodson

I'm a Payroll Manager with a degree in Mathematics, responsible for overseeing every aspect of payroll for our clients. In my spare time, I love to travel and going to gigs. Read my Staff Spotlight.

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