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Britain’s employees are making a stand against poor communication and calling out to their employers for better and more transparent correspondence. Business owners seem to have adopted a tendency towards so-called ‘mushroom management’ which manifests itself by leaving their workforce in the dark about important company information. However, this way of working must be abolished if productivity and efficiency is to flourish.

Perhaps a little ironically, Britain’s employees have reached out to their bosses for improved communication via new research carried out by third-party dashboard development company, Geckoboard.  Gone is the generation of staff that were simply seen and not heard as they worked away in blissful ignorance and increasingly prevalent is the age of employees that aren’t afraid to ask questions and inquire about company data, and now they’re demanding answers.

According to the recent survey, a vast 80% of employees want their seniors to share more business-related information with them, which comes as no surprise as almost half of British staff currently receive this type of data just four times a year or less. Considering they are the cogs that keep the whole operation turning, it’s a pretty mind-boggling concept that employees aren’t privy to vital information about the company they are working for.

Geckoboard also found that less than one in ten staff members were aware of business progress and a concerning 79% agreed that they have no trust in their respective bosses due to this failure to pass on significant data. This widespread lack of communication is not only directly hindering the day-to-day efficiency of employees, it is also cultivating a wider sense of mutual mistrust and suspicion, which is incredibly detrimental to the productivity of any business.

No news is good news…or is it?

Over half of those surveyed admitted that this feeling of suspicion has lead them to employ their own detective skills in an attempt to obtain the information they require. Nearly 30% of those surveyed believe that the lack of information being relayed to them is a result of power play in which their bosses want to maintain control and superiority within the business hierarchy. It could potentially be this heightened sense of paranoia and a fear of the unknown that is fuelling the widespread suspicion rather than a desire to know the information itself.

Nearly all of those involved in the research agreed that they would prefer to hear and therefore be made aware of bad news rather than be left out of the loop. Geckoboard CEO, Paul Joyce commented on this by saying: “They say no news is good news; however out research shows that this is far from the case when it comes to business management. Without a clear view of the company position, how can we expect our employees to make the right decisions and perform against business KPIs to drive business growth?

“Ditching the style of mushroom management and instead adopting a clear, transparent data position with staff will not only boost morale, but will help a business get the most out of its employees.”

How to improve business communication

With half of British employees agreeing that company data is highly influential on their overall contribution and work process, we think it’s high time that efforts to improve employer-to-employee communication are ramped up. We’ve put together some expert advice on how to better the communicative relationship between you and your colleagues to ensure that your team and business are operating to their full potential.

Regular team meetings – The best way to establish good team communication is by communicating (funnily enough) so getting together on a regular basis to discuss company progress and news is something we highly recommend. This also gives your employees the chance to air any issues or raise any questions that might be playing on their minds to head off this risky culture of mistrust that is developing in many businesses across the country. Whether you hold these team meetings daily or weekly, be sure to make time for them in your hectic schedule to ensure your workforce is performing efficiently and harmoniously.

Internal monthly newsletter – You preoccupy yourself with keeping your customers well-informed and loyal to your business with great marketing strategies and a newsletter is a hugely effective way of doing this. However while you’re prioritising the consumer base, you could be forgetting about those a little closer to home i.e. the ones who keep the company ticking over on a daily basis. An internal newsletter covering company updates and information, sent round to employees on a monthly basis can go a long way towards improving team communication and making staff feel ‘in the loop’ in the same way it does customers.

Make time to socialise – Our other advice would be to always make time for team socialising whether this takes the form of drinks at the pub on a Friday night once a month or attending industry networking events together. There’s nothing like a complimentary glass of Merlot or the security of loud background music to lubricate conversation and encouraging your employees to bond on a personal level will only be beneficial to the team dynamic when they come back together in the workplace.

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