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Dating apps seem to be taking over the world. Gone are the days when romance meant making eye contact across a busy room, dinner on a Friday night and love letters through the letterbox. Today it’s all about selfies, swipes and instant messaging but despite brutally murdering tradition, there is still a great deal entrepreneurs and business owners can learn from these cyber excuses for Cupid.

Whether you’re a fan of Tinder, Plenty of Fish or Coffee Meets Bagel, most of us have dabbled in one of the many dating apps available at some point in a bid to find the milk to our cookies. With the advancements in modern technology, we can pretty much do anything at the touch of a button, from communicating with friends across the globe or finding out which supermarket offers the best deal on tinned tomatoes. So why would romancing be any different, right?

Take anniversary flowers and dirty weekends way out of the equation and you’ll realise that the bond between you and those involved in making your business a success is not so dissimilar from a long-term committed relationship. Both require a great deal of hard work, patience and trust but when you hit the nail on the head, it can be a blessing for both parties.

So aside from boosting egos when the right match comes along and providing perfect catch up gossip material, there is a lot dating apps can teach polished professionals and those who own their own business.

Looks can be very deceiving

When it comes to any form of social media profile, most people treat what they choose to send out into the public domain as a highlight reel of their realities. They portray their lives as an endless stream of nights out, holidays, new shoes and really good hair days. This is particularly relevant when it comes to dating apps as users want to look their absolute best in order to lure in potential suiters. However we all know that in between these boast-worthy moments are days when everything seems to go wrong and you feel 100% less attractive than Shrek.

The filtered selfies and fake profiles that pop up regularly on every online dating service prove that you shouldn’t always take first impressions for granted. The same applies when it comes to selecting the right investors, business partners, employees and clients too. Business is cutthroat and people will do virtually anything to get where they need to be so it’s paramount that you do some thorough research before agreeing to work with anybody. Don’t just trust what they say – check out online reviews and customer testimonials to gain a more subjective insight.

Honesty is always the best policy

If you’re expecting those who you come into contact with to be completely transparent about who they are then it’s important to the return the favour, in business or in pleasure. You might have heard of the popular TV show, Catfish in which suspicious internet daters reach out for investigative help after becoming doubtful that their online lover is really who they say they are. It’s thanks to this show that the term ‘catfish’ has come to describe somebody who hides behind a fake online identity and these tricky fraudsters are regulars on the dating app scene.

These false identities can be dangerous and destructive but most typically manifest themselves as little white lies aimed at enhancing ones attractiveness to anybody who might stumble across their profile. Catfish can also be found lurking in the deep waters of the business world where they are ready to deceive in order to get ahead but as the saying goes, the truth will always out.

This is why it is absolutely vital that you are totally honest about who you are, what your brand is about and what your business can offer to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the long run. Making use of contracts is the perfect way to ensure that both parties are clear and working from the same page so you can head off any unnecessary disputes that many damage the reputation of your business further down the line.

Desperation is a major, major turn off

If you’re familiar with the world of dating apps and online romancing then you will most probably have come across that one potential match who ticks all the boxes until they unleash the beast of desperation upon you. You start up a conversation with them and then leave the room to nip to the corner shop or make some dinner and you come back to twenty-odd notifications. The insistence instantly turns you off and you think if you ever had to speak to them again, it’d be far too soon.

This is exactly what happens to your customers when you start overwhelming them with relentless social media updates, constant courtesy calls and an incessant amount of promotional emails. Remember that when it comes to successful customer communication, subtly is key. Remind them why they were attracted to you in the first place with original, interesting online content and keep them in the loop with any updates or offers but whatever you do, don’t bombard them.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Even though levels of commitment are low when it comes to dating apps, it still isn’t going to go down very well when your flame of the minute finds out you have also been chatting to their best friend, their cousin and their grandparent’s next door neighbour. Now monogamy isn’t something that applies in the world of business because unlike dating, you are encouraged to network as much as possible and constantly expand your connections through the people you meet.

However it is essential that you remain respectful and considerate of individual needs at all times to ensure that all of your clients, customers and colleagues feel equally appreciated and valued. For example, never discuss what services customers use with other clients without prior permission and don’t bad mouth your competitors or you’ll come across as unapproachable and frankly, quite rude.

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