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This week is a pretty exciting week not only because it’s one weekend closer to Christmas but because it marks the release of brand new Bond film, Spectre. This latest blockbuster will be the 24th instalment of the James Bond movie series since Sean Connery graced the silver screen back in 1962. However as much as we would love to sit and discuss each and every portrayal of this infamous good guy, we’re actually here to teach you what business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from Mr 007.

When it comes to running your own business, maintaining your financial accounts, building your network of contacts, managing your workforce, winning new custom and living a social life in between all of the above can seem virtually impossible. Finding time to do all of these things and do them all well can be a serious challenge when you’ve only got one pair of hands and not enough hours in the day. But there are a few tips and tricks that 007 has got down to a T that can help boost your entrepreneurial hero status.

You need to look the part

We aren’t suggesting you have to head to the office in a full tuxedo and Italian leather brogues everyday but polishing up your appearance can do wonders for your confidence. If you want clients, customers and colleagues to take you seriously as an entrepreneur then you’re going to have to make sure you’re looking the part.

When you look good, you feel good and you need to feel good in order to ooze the confidence your connections need to see in order to trust the brand you’re trying to market. There’s no need to splash out a small fortune on expensive suits and ties but just be sure that you’re looking presentable whenever you meet with any important people such as prospective clients and potential investors.

Surround yourself with trusty allies

Even if you are an untouchable hero with their finger firmly on the pulse, you simply cannot do everything yourself so it’s absolutely essential that you recognise and respect your own limits. You need to build up a workforce of trusty allies who you can both call upon when you’re in need of back up and rely on to man the fort when you’re out of office.

Whether these worthy accomplices are in-house employees or outsourced freelancers, be sure you’re recruiting the right ones because one bad decision can lead to fatal consequences. Carry out multiple interviews, trial days and probationary periods to ensure that you find the right members of staff for you because a rash mistake can be time-consuming and costly error to put right.

Mixing business with pleasure is dangerous

James Bond is renowned for getting distracted by the beautiful damsel in distress who bats her Bond girl eyelashes and has him heading into trouble quicker than you can say double-oh-seven. All she has to do is sashay into the room, Margarita in hand and give him one sultry look from beneath her super shiny locks and he has taken his eye off the ball. His attention is compromised leaving him vulnerable to attack and weak against the opposition and the same could be said for you if you’re not careful, business owner.

It’s absolutely essential that you find the balance between work and pleasure or you could very well end up putting your precious business at risk. While self-employment and being your own boss allows you a whole new sense of freedom and professional liberation that you may not have experienced before, be sure to stay grounded and focused on what needs to be done to succeed. By all means, make time to indulge in your vices but just make sure that this never means compromising your entrepreneurial dedication.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Last but by no means least and the one thing James Bond knows better than anyone is that you need to keep an extremely close eye on the competition at all times. This means dodging hits from AK47-wielding bad guys and participating in the odd flame-throwing car chase for 007 but for you it means staying two steps ahead of your competitors.

Keep watch on everything they do to gain insight into their strengths, learn from their weaknesses and establish their next moves before they even make them. Friendly faces are great but it is your business enemies that you need to focus your attention on.

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We work very closely with our expert accountants to bring you the latest factually correct tax and accounting news. We also enjoy writing about small business news that we hope you find useful!

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