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Freelancers will know just how much money is spent on travel costs – and unfortunately, it isn’t a low number. When you’re starting out on your own the draw to freelancing was probably that you won’t be restricted by work hours and the office. So this may mean travelling across the country to clinch that perfect project.

Once you start doing this regularly, cost can build up quickly and it becomes worth noting whether the work is actually covering the costs. Before you start spending this month’s rent on a last minute train fare, use these tips to help you save some pennies.


Although it will be rare that you’ll have to travel across the world on a business venture, it’s always worth knowing the ins and outs of saving on your boarding pass – just in case. Also, it could come in handy in case you decide to have a break from the rain and want to try freelancing abroad!

One of the main faux pas that we’re making when booking plane tickets is not doing it early enough. Boking in advance means you can sign yourself up for alerts on price drops. An email will come to your inbox as soon as the price on the flight you’re looking at goes down. And, if you’ve already bought a ticket and the price goes down – you may also be entitled to a refund!

Following airlines on social media can also be a great way to grab a deal. Airlines have begun using social media for offers more as a reward to followers and customers, so keep an eye on those Facebook and Twitter accounts! This technique can work particularly well with smaller airlines who don’t have as many followers, so it’s worthwhile following more than one airline.


One of the most common methods of travel for freelancers (and at a growing rate) travel by train is the perfect alternative for those avoiding the costs of driving. Unfortunately, train fares are often pretty big themselves, and if you’re in need of a last minute journey you can end up paying well above the norm for a ticket.

The first thing to do is check if you’re eligible for a railcard. If you’re between 16 and 25 you can pay £30 a year for 16-25 railcard. You’ll save a third on your journeys as well as getting some great offers. If you’re not fortunate to be in the 16-25 age range, you may still be able to save depending on the area you’re travelling in. See the full list of railcard options here. You’ll get the most out of a railcard if you spend over £90 a year on your train fares.

Splitting tickets is another great trick that you can use to save on money. Rather than paying for the journey in total have a look at how much separate tickets are – you’ll be surprised by what you can save. Also booking you’re tickets in advance (12 weeks to be precise) will save you a lot more money, but booking them late at night can also cause a different set of prices from those in the day!


If you went freelance to have a better work and home life balance and spend more time with your family, it’s likely that you’ll have a car just for convenience. Regrettably, the running of a car is definitely not the cheapest option – just the easiest. With insurance, MOTs, fuel costs, road tax and the cost of learning to drive (if you don’t already know how) you can spend a small fortune!

There are several areas where you can save a bit of money on your car – which means more money to go back into your business! The main area where you can save money on driving is when you’re buying insurance. Make sure you shop around and compare prices before you find one and hand over your credit card. If you haven’t bought a car yet, it could be worth looking for a smaller car, as they’re nearly always cheaper to insure.

When it comes to the dreaded time of year when you have to get an MOT, you might be wasting money going to a garage. Many local councils have their own MOT testing sites for their own vehicles, which by law have to be open to the general public. Those who have used these test centres that their cars either almost always pass, or need fewer repairs compared with MOTs done at other garages. You can also do the easy stuff yourself – and save a lot of money!

What tips do you have for saving money on travel? Leave your comments below or Tweet us!

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