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In part 1, I talked about what I call the Control Freak Streak in freelancers – the desire to control our careers that can leave us trying to do everything without assistance, no matter how time-consuming, time wasting and stressful that is.

And that’s closely related to another problem – saying yes to every project we’re offered.


Fail 2: Being Too Scared To Say No

The first act of some deprived children, when first transported into a world where food and drink is freely available, is to take as much as they can and hide it away. This isn’t because they’re ‘bad’ people; it’s because behaving like this has been the only way they can survive.

I mention this because some freelancers exhibit this same desperation too. Even if those first frantic days of freelancing are well behind them and they’re charging a reasonable rate for work they find satisfactory, the temptation to say yes to any work they’re offered can be overpowering, no matter how badly-paid or mind-numbingly boring it may be.

It’s work! Work isn’t always there! Sometimes it disappears! It may only pay £8 an hour, but at least it’s MONEY, their brains scream at them. (Yes, this used to be me. I got over it).

But you have your reputation to consider, not to mention your mindset, and the hours you’re about to spend proof-reading the badly-written World’s 100 Most Unremarkable Plumbing Failures could be hours spent working on something far more enjoyable – for a far higher return. Plus, low-paid difficult and/or boring work can be very demoralising. Remember, you’re working to live, not living to work.

Sometimes, we also have a fear of letting a client down, particularly if they’re long-standing and we’ve built up a warm working relationship. If we say no to them, will they ever offer us work again?

How to Avoid Fail 2:


And guess what – even if the work you’re offered is well paid and appealing, there are still times you should say no. All will be revealed in Fatal Freelancing Fails – Part 3!



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