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We all love adding personality to our desk, whether you work at home or in a bustling office. It adds character, makes you feel comfortable and can help you be more productive. But what’s appropriate office etiquette that let’s your desk say ‘I have a personality’ but also ‘I’m still professional’?  

Here are some desk décor do’s and don’ts to help you decorate your new office space appropriately.

Do add some greenery

One of the first things most employees will do with their desk is add a plant or two. Not only do they break up the grey and brown colour scheme that all UK offices seem to be clad in, they also purify the air. Plants are a relaxing source for contemplation when the day gets too hectic and you need a moment of peace.

Some popular desk favourites that don’t require much maintenance are Aloe Vera, Cactus, the Spider Plant and the Snake Plant.

Don’t be messy

Once you’ve added a few different pieces to your desk, it can be tempting to keep adding. And add some more. And just add a few more bits.

Before you know it you’re swept away by a sea of ‘stuff’ struggling to answer the phone because it’s been lost behind the mountain of multi-coloured stationary that you convinced yourself would help your career progression.

If this sounds like your desk it might be an idea to tone it down a notch. It might be covered in many much-loved items but if doesn’t cater to organising your shambolic stationary situation, it’s time for a clear-out.

Do play on the visual

You’ll spend most of your waking hours at your desk, which is why it’s important to make it work for you.

Adding visual breaks to will help to keep your mind active. Including a motivational poster will also help you to remember what’s important and spur you to perform your best at work.

If you do decide to focus on the visual at your desk, try sticking to one theme or colour scheme. Clashing colours can be distracting for both you and your co-workers, so don’t be afraid to let your inner interior designer out.

Don’t overdo it

While we’re all for making your desk your own, you need to remember that this is a place for work. Your abundance of photo frames might help you remember the ones you love and make you think of happy memories, but if they’re blocking your access to your phone then you need to rethink your décor.

Try space saving techniques like hanging photos rather than standing them, and keeping unnecessary items to a minimum. You can always embellish the boring stuff by investing in an attractive letter stand or book ends. Even something as simple as bringing your own mug from home can make your desk feel like your own.

Do think about company policy

The kind of company you work for will determine to what extent you can decorate your desk, and how you should decorate it.

For example, if you’re an estate agent your desk will most likely be on show to potential clients, which will affect how you decorate it. Estate agents tend to be companies that focus on professionalism, so check any additions are in line with your company’s values.

However if you’re working for a tech company whose clients are mainly online, it’s more likely that the company will be a bit more lenient with how you decorate your desk.

Don’t ignore lighting

If you’re not lucky enough to be one of the employees by a window, your desk might be lacking some lighting, natural or otherwise. If you catch yourself squinting at your notes, or even if you have particularly tired eyes at the end of the day, you should grab a lamp and get set up.

Spotlights are great if you have to focus on intricate work – especially for graphic designers or artists. However if you just want to create a natural glow then a simple warm lamp will brighten up the atmosphere.

How have you decorated your desk space? Comment below with your pictures!

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We work very closely with our expert accountants to bring you the latest factually correct tax and accounting news. We also enjoy writing about small business news that we hope you find useful!

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