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One of the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur is that you think you know it all. And while this is a positive outlook for most aspects of business, it can hinder your company’s growth. Taking on every part of the business will eventually take its toll, make you exhausted and inevitably lead to failure of the company.

Successful entrepreneurs know that they can’t do it all, and aren’t ashamed to accept a little help. Outside of hiring your own team, outsourcing is the most beneficial way to grow your business when you feel like you’re at your limit. Investing in some extra help will give your business a boost and keep it prosperous in the long run.


Once you start outsourcing work that isn’t your forte, you’ll realise how much of your time it was taking up. Basic business services such as IT management and accountancy services may not be your speciality, and as a result you were probably wasting time and energy either trying to learn these skills, or trying to find someone who fit the bill.

Building your own in-house team can be a costly affair for the start-up and means dedicating a lot of extra time to finding the perfect employee in the right location with great qualifications; and even then, you have to train them in your specific services. Outsourcing is more efficient for small businesses who need an expert on the case.

Free Up Internal Resources

With all that work being sorted out by someone else, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on work that’s relevant to the business. No more will you have a gazillion jobs to get done and only thirteen minutes to get them done in. Sit back. Meditate. Do a bit of yoga. Relish all the spare time you have!

You should probably also use this time to focus on your work and growing the business. There will be a noticeable change in workload once you’ve given the confusing stuff to someone else, and you’ll be free to concentrate on the business and the bits you know all about.

Improved Quality

You might think that you’ll get the best quality if you do things yourself; as the saying goes, ‘If you want something doing right, do it yourself’. This might be true of areas in which you specialise, but you shouldn’t be scared to put your trust in someone else for things you’re not too sure about.

If you do a job that you don’t fully understand, it probably isn’t going to be great quality. At least if you outsource a job you can trust that it’s going to be done thoroughly and well – so you won’t have to worry about damaging your company image.


Paying someone to complete work for you will mean they can cater to your timetable. You won’t have to change your schedule every five minutes to fit in that extra piece of work you forgot about.

Flexibility to expand and downsize quickly is a key characteristic of a successful company. These businesses are the ones who prosper in difficult economic times, as they are able to adapt quickly. By outsourcing you are also free of risks of legal action from unhappy employees.

Better Technology

Having a great website and social media input will without a doubt bring you more traffic and customers. That’s why you should think carefully before you decide you don’t need to outsource. A bad website can really damage your brands image and mission, so don’t make any snap decisions just yet.

By paying for specific IT services, you’ll have access to the most advanced technology available for the job. That means the most cost-effective and time-efficient technology will be creating your website and depicting your brand image. Why would you say no?!

Save Money

Plenty of entrepreneurs believe that a thrifty attitude to life is the way forward. Excessive expense is pointless, unless it creates a more efficient system for the future. This is why outsourcing works for so many small businesses.

Rather than going to the effort and expense of hiring an in-house team (who you may have to let go if the economy gets tough) you can decide what to outsource and even change who does it if you’re not a fan of the work. Not a shabby deal!

Reduce Mistakes

Trying to build up a business is no easy feat. And if you don’t accept that you’re going to make mistakes from the beginning, you’re in for a lot of hair pulling and stress. We all make mistakes, but when your bills depend on the outcome, yours might seem slightly more magnified.

Reduce the likelihood of mistakes by outsourcing. Although you might want to complete the work yourself, giving it a bad finish won’t give your brand the image you want. Asking someone with the time will give you peace of mind that it’s going to be done to a high standard.

What are your outsourcing tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

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Karl Bilby

We work very closely with our expert accountants to bring you the latest factually correct tax and accounting news. We also enjoy writing about small business news that we hope you find useful!

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