When you’re a start-up, focused on getting your small business off the ground, there’s going to be a lot on your mind. Writing a company mission statement is probably pretty far down your list of priorities, as a result! If you’re set on establishing a presence in the marketplace though, a good mission statement can sometimes help.

What is a company mission statement?!

A company mission statement is a declaration of what your business is, what is does and what it stands for. It’s an encapsulation of your story so far, and identifies long-term goals and objectives you’re trying to fulfil.

A mission statement is a summary of your reason for being. What makes you different. What purpose motivates you.

It provides direction internally for customers, and speaks loudly to those on the outside about your business and its identity.

Mission statements are found on websites, within business plans, incorporated into internal communications and sometimes, splashed all over the office walls.

Do I need to create a mission statement for my small business?

Technically, you aren’t going to fail without one. But there are some good reasons for producing a mission statement for your business.

Having one will help to steering company culture, whilst providing direction for growth. Not only does it tell everyone what you’re working towards, it explains how you plan to do it. A business plan deals with the actual logistics of this, whereas the mission statement describes operational culture.

Your mission statement will help maintain consistency, and provide inspiration both to staff and customers alike. Communicate your values clearly, and you’re more likely to stick to them.

What to include in a company mission statement

Check out our top tips for creating a strong mission statement.

Do you have any of your own pearls of wisdom to share on creating a knockout mission statement for a small business? Leave them in the comments below to help out your fellow entrepreneurs, or come and join the conversation over on Twitter or Facebook.

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