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Are you a business owner, who is struggling to bring in suitable workers, or to retain staff? Are you bewildered by the sheer lack of productivity, and the tangible sense of negativity that currently consumes your workforce?

A cultural shift is unfolding within the work sector, as millennials seek roles that go beyond the standard office job. They are in search of a better work-life balance, to maximise personal wellbeing.

A survey carried out by investment firm Fidelity, found “Millennial employees are willing to give up an average of $7,600 a year to work somewhere with better office culture.” Thus, if you’re experiencing an overall plummet in staff performance as of late, perhaps a lack of flexibility, charming interior decor or sea-view could be to blame.

The times are changing; job-hunting in the modern world means applicants now have access to hundreds of postings which they can compare during the application process. “Purpose-driven” millennials who’re partial to details, flawless branding and a fulfilling opportunity, will prefer the companies that are ticking their boxes, over those who aren’t.

See below for ways in which you can rapidly improve your company culture and consequently turn your business around.

Implement Development Schemes

Personal development is now considered an invaluable job incentive for millennials. This is because they want to feel fulfilled, happy and motivated within their 9-5. ‘Perks’ which aren’t always a given.

Present growth opportunities to your employees by:
● allocating training funds in technical areas that are relevant to the role
● delivering participant driven learning where employees can converse, learn and discuss new industry developments together
● offering personal funds to employees so that they can take up a skill or class of choice.

Such incentives give employees the impression that you’re rooting for them and their successes — as opposed to just your own. They also influence employees to want to better themselves, which rubs off in their day-to-day role.

Improve the Work-Life Balance of Employees With Remote Working

If you have staff who carry out digital roles within the company, or tasks that could be undertaken out of office, then why not let them?

There’s a tonne of stats and findings circulating the cyber-world, which prove working-from-home to be a resounding success — not just for your company, but for workers too. Not only does it boost productivity levels and employee satisfaction, but it grants employees with trust, flexibility and responsibility, which they value.

It also promotes the relaxing work environment for employees which millennials are actively seeking. As an extensive poll of experiences published by The Independent, revealed recently: “Britons now find their jobs more stressful, precarious and demanding than ever before.”

Employ Effective Office Design

A pleasing interior has been cited as the most joy-invoking benefit which an employer can offer to their employees, according to a recent survey carried out by Office Genie. Ranking even higher than remote-working, employees felt happier working within an aesthetically designed office, than from their own bed. This is where you hang your head in shame if you’ve not even a potted plant within the vicinity of your workers.

It’s been also proven by the Business Committee for the Arts that simply exhibiting art on your walls can effectively reduce stress, increase creativity and broaden employee appreciation of diversity. By implementing some simple but effective visual elements, you can drastically make a difference to the attitudes and behaviours of your employees — check out Google’s $131 million boulder campus for inspiration.

Provide An Office With a View

A Harvard University paper last year found “the cognitive performance of green office workers was double that of those working in conventional environments.” Having an office with a view can really work in your favour.

Employees will be more likely to work harder if they’re appreciative of their job’s idyllic location. That said, don’t worry if you’re not situated somewhere in Snowdonia or the Lake District – a rooftop garden will suffice.

If you can’t deliver that, then it’s all about making the most of whatever external space you have. Employees appreciate a business who looks after their staff, and simple gestures like providing a cosy outdoor area for staff to get some fresh air, can really go a long way.

Does your office have high performance rates and good employee morale? Comment below to let us know what incentives you have in place for your staff.

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Liam Yapp

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. If I'm not working on our next big marketing project, you'll probably find me outside, basking in the sun or walking the dog. Learn more about Liam.

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